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@Norgrath: the ben hassrath are spies, they are part of the priesthood that fall under the ariqun. unlike the soldiers who are part of the antaam, they don't live by the blade. your mistake is assuming that sten who is a soldier is a representative of every qunari, which is a mistake. he himself even say so in a banter. i suggest you replay dragon age origins with what we learned about the qunari in dragon age 2 and 3, you may find how much it compliment it.

you only meet one qunari in origins and that's sten. it's not uncommon for tal vashoth to tear off their horns.

demons were not "shuffled around", we just haven't met all of them yet. the codex mention the common ones. david gaider also mentioned "remorse" which is yet to appear.

feynriel is a human with elven blood. what is that a spit in the face of? we physically a human (skinny humans is a thing and have zero thing to do with elves) and having an elven mother makes him elven blooded. those things were introduced in dragon age origins. in fact slim couldry (crime wave missions) is elf blooded human.
@Norgrath: hmm... non of those things were retconed. horned qunari was always a thing, it just due to clipping they had sten hornless; not sure what was retconed about the demons or ben hasrath; as for half elves, it was established back in origins that an elf and a human offspring will always be a human.
i don't see it as a new canon, as far as i'm concerned that particular clan is an exception and is by no means represend the majority of the clans.
what bothers me is that the game didn't let my dalish be more vocal about it. lke vivienne says "your clan might be like that but what about otehr clans?" and he couldnt respond with "the dalish takes care of their own, any clan that abandon one of it's member like that are not real dalish" and i actually share this.

now one can argue that it was like that with merrill, but it was different. her clan turned against her because they belived that she is endangering the clan (they were wrong, but it's a different matter), if she'd abandom her attempt to fix the mirror they would take her back easily.

and look, the dalish aran't perfect, ton of prejudice andself rightouness, but while they are jerks to outsiders, they take care of her own, so as i said, minaeve's clan is an exception and they don't represent true dalish spirit.

@Broseidon: i don't think it's shit writing, i'm actually fine with them doing this, because it make sense that some clans will be bad eggs, it's totally logical. what bothers me is that i couldn't contradict minaeve and vivi when they claimed that it was standard for the dalish to abandon mages "no my clan is not a special case, minaeve's clan was".
who doesn't like garlic? it makes everything tastes better.
it actually looks exactly like you if you used the armor of the fallen set test?cb=20110331210118

as for the arishok, fuck him. he force your hand for one thing, secondly he talks about honor and respect a lot but have neither. he acts as if the fact he is qunari by default make him respectable, it doesn't, i may earned his respect, but he didn't earned mine.
i'm kinda the other way around, i always start with high/nightmare dificulty in the firt playthroughs. than over time when i make a new one i want the game to be faster so i play on normal.

though admittedly, for dragon age 2, playing as hard is like playing on normal in inquisition.
@Guesty Guestface: happy to help ^_^
i find if i have too much money while reaching end game it becomes pointless to have it. i'm fine with spending money on expensive shit if i know i won't be too poor after.

heck first playthrough of dragon age 2 i didn't have enough to fund the expedition xD

and in inquisition i bought the mystery box on the first playthrough. which was totally worth it, nuggalope mount bitches! =D

@Guesty Guestface: that you are cheap bastards? =P
@zenat: never heard of this game. and no offense, but i don't see myself trying a game called "dream daddy", just... but hey, i'm not judging ^_^

@Guest: being attracted to a good looking sensitive patriot who dedicated to the person he loves even after her death is considered poor taste? okay...
@zenat: while it is a reasonable desire, zevran have better things to do than to shag every character of yours. but i'm sure he would given the chance.
have you considered the possibility that you might be hearing what you wanted to hear and it was all in your head?
@zenat: don't you mean "do eeeeet!"? =P
@zenat: it's more amusing in inquisition, as it seems hawke is against blood magic even if they are one =P
@Broseidon: pretty sure it's a rock with a red bow wrapped around it.

@mamiser: that's not accurate. one might say that getting run over by a car is the dog equivalent of catching the blight.
@mamiser: so bethany is a dog?
hmm.. the lyrium is inside his vains, not ontop of them (the color is cause they are glowing), so you would have to cut them open for that to work.
besides, if you run out of mana and don't want to carry lyrium, you can just use blood magic.
"an impatient genie waiting for you to choose your second wish" heehee, that's a good one! xD
hold a moment, how does hawke have her champion armor in act 1? =O
@zenat: so let me get it straight, the only problem he had with killing a baby is that they didn't get paid to do that?
damn freja, chill! xD

also, i gotta know, why are they kidnapping people for some warlock? and more importantly, were jonas eyes always green? i could have sworn they were brown.

@Broseidon: she enjoying every moment of it...