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@zenat: how did i sully his name? it was a clear compliment...

PS: i love that you call harbinger "harby" xD
@zenat: for sure, my dalish wore the ring he got from the keeper till the end and byeond
harbinger is insignificant and dies like all the rest if you choose destroy. at the end he's just one of many reapers that happen to be the one speaking with you.
also, i wouldn't call the catalyst "the big bad", he just doing his job and was actually helpful since he realized that his "solution" doesn't work anymore, shepard might been the first to reach that far but likely not the last.
not really sure what you complaining about, i mean we did get the most epic showdown against the toughest boss in the entire mass effect series: "marauder shields" who is clearly the real big bad of the trilogy! =D
yeah gotta agree there, however, i'm pretty sure you get jori and deveth stuff in yor inventory after the ritual. that being said it's not the case for origin stories temporary companions... sorry soris, i'll take that fancy wedding attire.
while it's easy to blame the graphic design team (or whcihever team incharge of designing the mansions), it's seem perfectly in character for fenris to never clean the house.
honestly, i'm only surprised it's not gotten worse over the years.
have a fast recovery!

@mahigan: please tell me it's not celsius...
@Sharp-Claw: i am calm, my apologies if my post made it seem like i was angry. while i am passionate about it i am not angry or resentful in my words. i simply believe that people who think andromeda is not a good game, are wrong and should feel bad about it =P
i do agree about he enemies, also generally the combat get waaay too easy on higher levels.
i loved all the companions aside from kosta, but his personal mission was still one of my favorite, so funny and the star wars reference! =D
@zenat: totally! you should join the cause! =D
@zenat: oh come now, we do it out of love! *hugs*
@zenat: can't wait to hear your take on the titans =P
@Sharp-Claw: pft, seriously? andromeda is a really fun game. with good story, fun and loveable protagonist and generally great RPG element. not to mention almost everything about it felt "mass effect". so some poeple didn't like the animation, fine whatever, but i'll be damned if i let people trash this game just because one element. honestly, the dislike for andromeda as a game is overrated by levels i cannot even fathom.
so the orb was just an ancient elven pickle jar? that's explains why everything was green...
@Deonis: that might have taken centuries, he cannot wait that long while (in his mind) his people suffer. not to mention that with the veil it's likely he can't live forever either and will have to enter uthenera to survive, which kinda defeats the purpose. and regardless, he belived corypheus won't survive, i doubt he'd let him find the orb if he knew what corypheus was capable of.
@zenat: well i agree with the flirting part, in term of flirting. i don't think we should be able to romance everyone, but i see no reason we can't flirt with them anyway (ex: female flirting with dorian, flirting with vivianne, etc...)
@zenat: i thought it might be it, till i noticed the nose which made the whole thing look like a face, so i thought it might be a devaronian having a bad horn day =P
i wouldn't worry that much about the nipples, they are covered by harness (pretty much the only thing that covered...

also you can just use the alternate appearance pack o.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100319201114

@Sharp-Claw: hey! if a random kirkwall architecture can have a nose, so can jack! [insert an evil grin here]

@Guest: personally i couldn't care less about the spandex, but the heels, who go running about shooting people while wearing heels? that would never work (worse than wearing a plastic breather when going to space...), where is the no heels armor for samara? -_-
what does hawke put her arm on? and why does it have a nose? xD
you can romance lana, who else you can flirt with doesn't matter after that.
don't forget when you should totally win a fight but get lags which results in your death -_-