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so the orb was just an ancient elven pickle jar? that's explains why everything was green...
@Deonis: that might have taken centuries, he cannot wait that long while (in his mind) his people suffer. not to mention that with the veil it's likely he can't live forever either and will have to enter uthenera to survive, which kinda defeats the purpose. and regardless, he belived corypheus won't survive, i doubt he'd let him find the orb if he knew what corypheus was capable of.
@zenat: well i agree with the flirting part, in term of flirting. i don't think we should be able to romance everyone, but i see no reason we can't flirt with them anyway (ex: female flirting with dorian, flirting with vivianne, etc...)
@zenat: i thought it might be it, till i noticed the nose which made the whole thing look like a face, so i thought it might be a devaronian having a bad horn day =P
i wouldn't worry that much about the nipples, they are covered by harness (pretty much the only thing that covered...

also you can just use the alternate appearance pack o.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100319201114

@Sharp-Claw: hey! if a random kirkwall architecture can have a nose, so can jack! [insert an evil grin here]

@Guest: personally i couldn't care less about the spandex, but the heels, who go running about shooting people while wearing heels? that would never work (worse than wearing a plastic breather when going to space...), where is the no heels armor for samara? -_-
what does hawke put her arm on? and why does it have a nose? xD
you can romance lana, who else you can flirt with doesn't matter after that.
don't forget when you should totally win a fight but get lags which results in your death -_-
happy birthday! feel better!

also, cool cake! =D
@zenat: okay yeah, that valid *nods*

and you are not alone, i like loghain as well ^_^
@Sharp-Claw: more like: "take a timid character and have them go through personal growth, leading them to use their intelligence (which they showed to have a lot of) for something other than science" character development. or did you really think that after everything she been through in mass effect 1, she'll stay the same person?

@m_celeri: drizzt do'urden? i mean he did fool people into believing he's cool, even though there is no evidence to support it =P
@Sharp-Claw: it's called character development.
betrayal became second nature in mass effect, at least half (i said AT LEAST) of the missions end up with an NPC turning out to be behind "something", that at some point it just becomes predictable. like in lair of the shadow broker, the moment vasir appeared even before she spoke, just from her smile it was clear to me "okay, she's one of the bad guys..."
pick on carver all you want, but come on do so with something realistic. i mean, picking on carver for liking merril makes no sense. it would be like picking on someone for wanting to cure aids.
Happy birthday! i'd say thanks for 7 years of laughter, but i only discovered the comic last year, but it's still valid, so thanks for the laughs! =D

and i'd be remiss if i didn't comment on the fact that murder is not always illegal in thedas. a lot of mercs like the red irons make an honest living out of killing people who got a contract on them. the guards kill people who resist arrest. and also, the amount of people who kill that wasn't in self defense you can count on one hand and you'd might still get spare fingers.

and lastly, one of my hawkes actually called out aveline for being a hypocrite xD
i can't make sense on what's happening the first tile, i just see lekku rolling =O
@zenat: glad to hear the fever is gone, sorry to hear about the rest. get well soon!
@zenat: the fact you outright said "i'm a wuss and i'm gonna cry" shows your courage. i mean, come on, no one likes needles, they are shit.

funny story, there was this one time, back when i was a teenager, i got my blood samples taken (the sadistic doctor needed 6 vials for testing, so it was there for a good 5 mins). so about 2 mins in i start to scream in pain and the nurse says "it doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt" so i just started yelling at the bitch "how about i stick a needle in you and say 'it doesn't hurt'?!" my father who was with me was very amused. ah, good times xD
@zenat: well you just need to test for courage and you can have the whole set ;)