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@zenat: never heard of this game. and no offense, but i don't see myself trying a game called "dream daddy", just... but hey, i'm not judging ^_^

@Guest: being attracted to a good looking sensitive patriot who dedicated to the person he loves even after her death is considered poor taste? okay...
@zenat: while it is a reasonable desire, zevran have better things to do than to shag every character of yours. but i'm sure he would given the chance.
have you considered the possibility that you might be hearing what you wanted to hear and it was all in your head?
@zenat: don't you mean "do eeeeet!"? =P
@zenat: it's more amusing in inquisition, as it seems hawke is against blood magic even if they are one =P
@Broseidon: pretty sure it's a rock with a red bow wrapped around it.

@mamiser: that's not accurate. one might say that getting run over by a car is the dog equivalent of catching the blight.
@mamiser: so bethany is a dog?
hmm.. the lyrium is inside his vains, not ontop of them (the color is cause they are glowing), so you would have to cut them open for that to work.
besides, if you run out of mana and don't want to carry lyrium, you can just use blood magic.
"an impatient genie waiting for you to choose your second wish" heehee, that's a good one! xD
hold a moment, how does hawke have her champion armor in act 1? =O
@zenat: so let me get it straight, the only problem he had with killing a baby is that they didn't get paid to do that?
damn freja, chill! xD

also, i gotta know, why are they kidnapping people for some warlock? and more importantly, were jonas eyes always green? i could have sworn they were brown.

@Broseidon: she enjoying every moment of it...
that's bothers me, cause that choice of outfit for the inquisition formal wear makes no sense. while it's likely josie would choose an outfit for everyone, i would have expected her to have a better style than that. and no way in the world i'm going to believe leliana would have agree to wear this...
@zenat: cool! xD

*whispers* it's mariAn in robin hood as well =P
so is your hawke named "marion", or did you mispelled marian?

PS: good luck with the writing!
what you drew is a rift, the breach is the big thing on the sky. as if the breach itself actually looks like one, i woulnd't know, but you know, just look up next time you play the game and decide for yourself =P
@zenat: oh i believe you, i was just hoping you knew which, since i don't recall them and as i said, they are cool.

@Karmazyna: i figured as much, i more interested in the chest piece, or rather, which it is.
cool robes, i don't remember them in game.
that's what was so awesome about this mission, it was scary as fuck, it really felt like we are going to die! =D

the really annoying thing about shepard's running in the first game is that, he only ran faster in combat, out of combat the camera just changed angle, like.. the fuck?!

hey, at least ryder got a jetpack! =D
@Guest: you should check part 1 =P