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Why did I not find this sooner! I'm loving it sooooo much!
I cant stop laughing. That was the perfect build up for a coin box! I just love it.
Awwww i would die for a heart gold or soul silver sequel
honestly, I can't wait to see, what you will do with Steven Stone. Wen know, Wesen is Wally, sooooo maybe Steven will be a Metagross? Or maybe a Beldrum. Or maybe somthing completly different? But after your earthlocke I noticed, that Steven is also an eartherner.
just saying
caterpie cant realy use Bug bite cause of its low attack stats. But I always train my weedle up to level 15.
fun fact, if you have less then 50 Poké cash, they let you in for free, because they think you belong to team auqa.
@Alpha The Eevee: Nope Vagus is a guy
love it so far!
naaaawwwww she'll become a wonderful mother
@comercole: If you mean the top right one, thats Marshadow