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I'm a simple girl who loves to craft stories, draw and simply have fun :)
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@anon: i'll update again next week
hand-inked and toned in photoshop. this wraps up my 2 page update for the week! happy reading!

Don't forget to rate it! :D
here's another page update! :)
So I didn't follow my 2 pages a week update format :P My sister arrived from hawaii, so I decided to take a break.

That break made me lazy to draw pages. aw. update at last!
@delryyy: thanks for faving delryyy! :D hope you'll like the following pages :)
i still need to color this :)
Upload after 4 months! I also made a style change. I went from handdrawn to MS EX4 to photoshop to paint tool SAI art mode. It's difficult to draw two webcomics at the same time. sigh :(

the original page for this one is handdrawn, but i decided to scrap it and draw it on SAI instead. the original had lots of drawings and texts, while this one has less, but it still delivers the same content
im shifting my work between A Bittersweet affair and Amazon Princess. both works are very important to me. :)
Page update at last!

I like this page :) I challenged myself to create a page with a limited palette, or to create a page with harmonious looking colors.

I originally planned it to have orange and brown hues, but i scrapped it. I experimented with maroons and yellows and i think it worked :)

happy reading! read from right to left. i would love to hear comments :)
nice colors and textures in this page! i really like the way you colored persephone in the first panel. it's very cool and pleasing to the eyes :)
@Tohkalia: Thanks! :D Just made an update today, i won't be updating for a couple of days since my friend will borrow my pentab. stay in tune as the story unfolds! :D
@IXsage: hello! i'm glad my story intrigued you. i hope you'll stay in tune as the story unfolds. :)
This was originally planned to be a page, but for some reason, i didn't want any speech balloon on it. so i made it into a cover! :D
colors are not my forte, but i'm willing to experiment with them :) I love the aqua blue panels and the violet shadows. . cool to le eyes :)
Fresh Graduate ":)
i will update at least 2 pages a week now :)
Happy New Year guys!

I'm thinking of whether using my actual g-tec pens for inking, since I'm bad at lineart in Photoshop. Perhaps i could draw the lineart by hand, then shade/tone it in PS?
this page is bigger than I thought :P
this webcomic is alive ! :D
an early update! I was supposed to update on Tuesday, but I remembered that I have an exam on Wednesday. So I won't be using the computer tomorrow :)