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An aspiring Digital Artist/Pro Artist.

I really like to draw pokemon, but most of the time I use my own drawings as practices to do better work every time I can.

I like to be friendly with everyone I met as well, so don't be shy to ask me something as well

My main page you can find it here:
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@pixlyJolt: The "she" is the mew, Kerial is a male.
@Julian or Yoshidakid: No, the mew is not the zoroark, the Zoroark was the vulpix.
@comercole: Last two pages should've been enough to notice why.
@comercole: You have been saying the exact same thing over the last 7 pages ^^;
@SylveonLover246: The Mew is not Zoroark, as well, she's not Kerial or anything close, she's someone else entirely.

Kerial is a male and he's the Zoroark.
@pixlyJolt: Later on it will be explained better, but yeah, it's not future sight.
I don't want to be a fun killer, but those aren't abs.

Remember, he's starving.
@Brandon Hill: Actually you did remind me of updating it XD
@pixlyJolt: Nethan is male, and no, they won't end up together, it won't ever happen.
@Truefan108: Not in reality, but more like a "coincidence"
@i am the reeing guy: It's out.

But I would really appreciate not doing any spam and/or weird/offensive comments, please.
@Guest: He is still suspicious by being together with Kerial regardless.

That doesn't make him fully innocent
@Guest: Ace was together with Kerial, even if he did nothing there, he's still suspicious and could have information about Kerial.

And it's mostly guild rules, and well, Erilia doesn't notice her actions at times.
@pixlyJolt: Zuri is not transparent, only the Braixen here.
@BlackBeastFury: It teleports.

Just like in the games.