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Great as usual! And u play play D&D, bonus points. All your rolls are now with advantage! Damn, I'm still waiting to find the right a group of ppl to play a game. Any group of ppl to be honest.
Another one :)
This was so nice! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face :)
I really like this comic too :D
Yaaay! I found you. I never knew u were on smackjeeves. Episode 2! Been waiting for this :)
He's gonna smell him, fall in love and live happily ever after right? Yep, I'm sticking with that.
OMG. They got super powers!
I'm just strangely in love with this. What spell have you casted on me?
Bye bitch!
Yes. Fluster her. Expose her. Get the bitch!.......I'm sorry, just emotions taking over right now but seriously, "get the bitch!"
lol, what what is the driver wearing?!? I love all of it :D
Nooooooo, why u telling this bitch what's happening?!?! What if she leaking it to the pres?!? I'm so on edge...
cool :D
Again, this bitch........
This bitch tho.....
I bet he likes Colbie..................and even if he doesn't, I still think that he does
they so cute :)
Great quiz. And yes, I'm soooooooo Colbie :)
Yes, I agree. The sorting hat never lies.
Yay! They were found!