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Why, hello there :3 *slams down a cup of tea* Care for a chat?
You can call me Cream, or Loaf-
'Just' if you're really pushing it ;3
I'm just messing around with an art program and trying to be good at stuff.
I um. I really like ice cream and tea, I have a cat, a dog, a twin called Lily, a sister called Topaz and a hoarding addiction..
I play the ukulele (badly), bake a bit, knit a lot, and if you bring up musicals, well, run as fast as you can.
Despite living in Moscow for a really long time, I get really excited at snow and lightning.
I come from Azerbaijan (never heard of it? I'm not surprised)
I can speak English, но я также говорю на русском, et aussi un petit peu de français!
Now, I'm really bad at endings- *shoves a cup of tea, slice of cake, and scarf into your arms* SO GO. BEFORE I START SPEWING QUOTES.
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Oh no, it’s so ominous it’s killing me! ;-;
Thanks!! I like to think that lighting is one of my very few strong suits :3
Sorry that I haven't been uploading, I've been trying to work on my other comic, Embers :3
ooooo! Who's this? :D
I LOVE the sudden change in lighting to represent the mood!!
A conversation from ages ago kind of inspired me to start trying on my backgrounds XD
@Egg Plant: Um... No?.. XD The symbols are Japanese, which I'm learning
Why yes I can! I’m actually better at hoomans :3 and the shirt says 喜 (joy), 勇 (courage), 強 (strength), 愛 (love), and 生 (life).
@WildfireK: Thank you so much, I just-- thanks ;w;
@WildfireK: oh okay!
@WildfireK: thank you so much, again! ^^
@WildfireK: ahhhhh, that'd be great, thank you so much! :D
@WildfireK: yeah, I noticed that too, (it's probably because I specialize in humans more than cats XD) but I wasn't really sure how to fix it?
@WildfireK: *GIANT SIGH OF RELIEF (i was concerned whether this style was better or not)*
Also, WiFi, that one piece of advice on shoulders came in really useful! Thanks!!
Suddenly, a completely different art style! :P
Sorry for the absolutely terrible pages lately. As a present, I will soon upload something on the *art dump*! (That I will make now XD)
Ahh, I hate backgrounds too (probably why I literally never use them <:’D) but you did a great job!
*waves hand flatteringly* Thanks!