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Why, hello there :3 *slams down a cup of tea* Care for a chat?
You can call me Cream, or Loaf-
'Just' if you're really pushing it ;3
I'm just messing around with an art program and trying to be good at stuff.
I um. I really like ice cream and tea, I have a cat, a dog, a twin called Lily, a sister called Topaz and a hoarding addiction..
I play the ukulele (badly), bake a bit, knit a lot, and if you bring up musicals, well, run as fast as you can.
Despite living in Moscow for a really long time, I get really excited at snow and lightning.
I come from Azerbaijan (never heard of it? I'm not surprised)
I can speak English, но я также говорю на русском, et aussi un petit peu de français!
Now, I'm really bad at endings- *shoves a cup of tea, slice of cake, and scarf into your arms* SO GO. BEFORE I START SPEWING QUOTES.
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    Cream The Cat
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Tackle/hug incoming))
EDIT: upon realizing that I overuse the name Shion and I could probably do better, I have renamed her Agnes! So here, have a slightly updated version))
(Qrow and Caspar)
(This one's called Ivy)
I'm super sick rn so I can't leave the house.. this is the fruit of my boredom

Oh by the way is anyone was wondering (I doubt it) the character on 'Fwomp' is called Caspar, and this is Mekoina, a different character to the blonde one I've drawn before (that one is Qrow)
100 pages :DD thank you all for sticking with me so long!! I'm going to reboot some of the older pages soon, hopefully that turns out okay XD
No problem))
To anyone who needs a hug rn <3
Ahh, I’m just too shy for that ;w; but yea, I know her! And by the way, there’s this adorable comic called Café au Lait, it’s the purest thing XD
Of course!! I see her everywhere XD
*whispers* I really kinda hope she does though..
If she did I probably wouldn’t believe it XD I reeeally need to reboot all the older pages, my style is just too inconsistent for anyone to keep up with
No ;-; but yes. Tea. And maybe some chocolate if we’re lucky.
Yeah. Refuel and get more biscuits.
That works too!
Hmm. Now there’s a question. Forget-Me-Not, perhaps?
Well that was certainly one EXCITING train ride XD