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I grew up drawing and have been learning it professionally since I was 14 in a national high school of fine arts. Nevertheless, I'm still at an intermediate level xD
Currently, I'm studying animation at university, aiming at a bachelor's degree in both that and multimedia. In my spare time, I like to work on stories and comic ideas, or just draw random stuff.
If I start a project, I never finish it. But as the great Austrian neurologist and sex offender Sigmund Freud once said, never say never! So, let's all pray to God, the Devil, and anyone in-between that I post an entire comic on this site, and possibly on the next.
Having ideas is pretty cute and all, but if they just remain productless thoughts, this is where I have a problem with my lazy crusty corpse of an existence.
So, I am working on a comic book and as I am writing this, I have done one page of it and started another. And a cover will be made as well. My long-term goal is to post the first issue until the middle of 2018, hopefully.
It's gonna be a struggle, but if I want to do something with myself, I gotta do something with myself xD

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@Plixs1: No probs, your comic's awesome :D
@Amarok: Yeah, but all shrapnel melts away, like the bullets. And the shockwave is countered by the heat pressure she's creating. That grenade kinda just... threw her off balance a bit xD
Wow, it's the next week and this page is done! Who woulda thought!?
Let's hope I keep this pace going!
It's less than likely that next week I'll have an update, but there's still a chance of finishing it on time :D
@Poppy: Thank you xD
Oh, for fuck's sake, Liam! Who cares?
Get a hobby 😒
October 16th, 2019
Can't wait! But take your time :D
@Xabel Mind: Ha, thanks :D I try to visualize it in my head before I draw it. It doesn't always cut it xD

Smexual tension >u>
Why are there no comments!? This comic is great!!! The artstyle is beautiful and the story is filled with action and magic! I'm thrilled to see what happens next :D
Well, it's finally here! It took longer than it should've, but it's ready xD
Not exactly a page with a wow-factor (at least for me), but it's here!
I don't know when I'll finish the next page, but I ask for patience, as I really do have
a ton of stuff to take care of the following months...
We have towels. And standards.

New mantra xD
Little DEAD girl!!!
@LordOfPandemonium21: Yeah, it captures quintessential Sam xD
@Xabel Mind: No probs, of course I do!
I'll be featuring all fan art :D
@Xabel Mind: Nah, thank you :D
Go check out Xabel Mind on instagram:
And they also have a comic here on smackjeeves called "Under Satyr's Orders":

I really like how he drew Sam and Rise xD He especially got Rise's face and body type just right! The anatomy is perfect and I like the glowy telekinetic effect :D
Also, gotta appreciate Sam's bum! The expressions are wonderful and the poses are great!
Thank you for this wonderful piece :D
@Xabel Mind: Thank you so much! I already liked it on instagram and I am going to feature your art here today :D
@Ninjashira: I love that! It's an awesome anime :D
Amulet Retriever Skyler!!!
@ItoDejio: Thank you :D
I swear, I'm not a murderer xD
I'm gonna go with Jane. Sneak a few drops of highly concentrated nicotine into her drink. This sort of poison is easy to make at home and will be summed up to a bad smoking habit in the autopsy. Which is believable, given the nature of Jane's character. The poison is also almost tasteless, so it won't be detected by the drinker. Find out what her favorite food and drink are, then during lunch time, get a nice portion of that. Don't make it too suspicious, though. If she loves pizza, do it on Pizza Day. Pour three or four drops of the concentrated nicotine into the soda. Bump into Jane slightly as you pass by her and apologize profusely. Act scared, she may like that. Offer up your lunch to her as an apology. If it's her favorite, she shouldn't refuse, not to mention she'll get cool points for getting a girl's lunch. After drinking the soda, Jane will be dead by the end of the day. No disarming needed. And the toxicology report will close the case as a nicotine overdose.
September 28th, 2019
@Karakuri642: That is the true artistry of a badass - to be able to make a frilly dress look badass :D