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I grew up drawing and have been learning it professionally since I was 14 in a national high school of fine arts. Nevertheless, I'm still at an intermediate level xD
Currently, I'm studying animation at university, aiming at a bachelor's degree in both that and multimedia. In my spare time, I like to work on stories and comic ideas, or just draw random stuff.
If I start a project, I never finish it. But as the great Austrian neurologist and sex offender Sigmund Freud once said, never say never! So, let's all pray to God, the Devil, and anyone in-between that I post an entire comic on this site, and possibly on the next.
Having ideas is pretty cute and all, but if they just remain productless thoughts, this is where I have a problem with my lazy crusty corpse of an existence.
So, I am working on a comic book and as I am writing this, I have done one page of it and started another. And a cover will be made as well. My long-term goal is to post the first issue until the middle of 2018, hopefully.
It's gonna be a struggle, but if I want to do something with myself, I gotta do something with myself xD

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Guess what, sweethearts! Another page is here!
Juggling like there's no tomorrow, am I right!? :D
Also, would you guys be interested in sending fan art about the comic,
which I can feature here and give you credit? I think that would be
a fun thing to do :D
I love zodiac themed things! So far, this comic is very interesting :D
Oh, he's falling for this guy! :D
Enter demonic bouncer!
@DiamondWolf_YT: Don't we all? xD

@YolkenEgg: Patience is a virtue :D
@YolkenEgg: He should leap ON DAT DIIIICK! xD
Back from vacation and I did a page while I was away :D
Hope I pick up where I left off :'D
Well, she's screwed xD
@aryaya: SAAAAME!
@Xabel Mind: Ha,ha! I'm glad you like it xD
@sstogner1: And I never heard of them until I just googled them! I must be psychic!
@M-24: Coincidence? I think not! xD
@Amarok: Falling in reverse xD
A page!!!
Sorry for the delay, but it's been a week.
Hope you enjoy the new update! :D
Hope Sooch makes a surprise visit with the parents there, that will be awkward af (talking from personal ecperience), but they'll have a chanve to bond!
@aryaya: You're welcome, you deserve it!
Thank you for the art!
@YolkenEgg: Yessssss! Aryaya did a great job on this!!!