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I grew up drawing and have been learning it professionally since I was 14 in a national high school of fine arts. Nevertheless, I'm still at an intermediate level xD
Currently, I'm studying animation at university, aiming at a bachelor's degree in both that and multimedia. In my spare time, I like to work on stories and comic ideas, or just draw random stuff.
If I start a project, I never finish it. But as the great Austrian neurologist and sex offender Sigmund Freud once said, never say never! So, let's all pray to God, the Devil, and anyone in-between that I post an entire comic on this site, and possibly on the next.
Having ideas is pretty cute and all, but if they just remain productless thoughts, this is where I have a problem with my lazy crusty corpse of an existence.
So, I am working on a comic book and as I am writing this, I have done one page of it and started another. And a cover will be made as well. My long-term goal is to post the first issue until the middle of 2018, hopefully.
It's gonna be a struggle, but if I want to do something with myself, I gotta do something with myself xD

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@The Orange Cow: Excusez-moi?
@YolkenEgg: Just finding excuses to touch xD
@Negi: One way to find out :D
@YolkenEgg: Some people just don't know what personal space is xD
It's a miracle, but an upload was ready for this week! Hope this pace works xD
@jellyfishin: Oh, yeah, what can I say? He's a skilled critter! He's going places! Probably jail xD
@sstogner1: Shocked and baffled xD
@TheNyborg: Thanks :D
@TheNyborg: Rise looks like a deer in front of headlights xD
@M-24: Because it's a cute old granny cam xD
Yeah, no use in keeping evidence!
@The Orange Cow: Actually, it's the early nineties.
Living for the artstyle!
New page is finally up!
Let's do this!!!
Oh, yeah, titty sucking dream! I really like how these two are drawn :D
Okay, at least he gets laid!
@The_Boss: Thank you very much! My readers' feedback is very important for this comic's growth :D
@The_Boss: Thank you very much :D Structurally, I need to fix it up, though xD
@The_Boss: That's what I'm usually going for xD
It'll make sense, don't worry
@The_Boss: You'll see xD
@randnum: Yeah, it's the nineties, but the main characters don't really reflect that xD