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I normally don't endorse this but...... ASSERT YOUR DOMINANCE RYLIE AND FLIP HER OFF BACK!
My Reaction: "Oh... makes sense."
The plot thickens
Ooooof,yaaaaaa, as soon as I read her say "If you see this girl.." My first thought was "Kill her", and yup, I was right, was hoping I was wrong, but nope.
I love this comic, so glad I stumbled upon your tumblr through Aftertale. No regrets, only intrigue and joy.
Oh no. I caught up again already!
HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm laughing so much, I love it when I come back to a comic after a long break and can just binge read it, and get much need moments like this.
I think I have an idea of what may happen. Since Assistant left her crutches in favor of chasing Wallis, he is going to HAVE to help support and carry her back to the rest of them!

This probably wasn't on Assistant's mind, but it'll probably help whatever plan she has, help her get what she want's said done, and maybe they could bond a bit more along the way?
So, the question with Wallis is this, is he a mancer, or his type of magic particularly biased towards finding "loopholes" like the Stratoversians'? I mean, there are plenty of implications with what we just learned, so there needs to be a discussion between those two on it.
...that moment when you finally have time to catch up on something.... AND YOU CATCH BACK UP ON THE SAME DAY THE MOST RECENT UPDATE IS AND ITS SOMETHING LIKE THIS! AAAAAAAGH! I have two finals tomorrow, I CAN'T BE HAVIN' THIS STUFF MAKING ME WANT MORE!

Seriously though, CQ, you're amazing, at both art and story telling.
NO! CQ, WHY? Don't make me sympathize with this jerkwad, I STILL REMEMBER WHAT HE'S DONE! Without remorse, just straight up ruining someone's life....

Curse you CQ! Why must you be such a GOOD writer?
@Memejean: I don't forget, but it seems like most people have been willingly letting it slide long before this page.

But I will always remember, YOU CAN'T RUN FROM THINE SINS! But you can make others forget about them, apparently.
Indigo: "I'm not originally from here."
Me: "Ok, not really surprising, didn't think about it at all but not particularly surprising."
Indigo, with cloud hair this time: "I'm actually from Stratoverse, yo."
Me: "Oh, wow, now THAT is a surprise. Very interesting, well played CQ."

And then my mind briefly speculated on a few possibilities that I don't feel like sharing right now.
Ok, how do I rate this? I see this "Average rating" at the top and I'm just like "How do I rate this? I want to just click twice and give it a perfect rating."
@Dork: Ha, I love how most people have forgoten how OK he was with ruining the life an an Inversian not all that long ago in the comic.
Ha! I love the Judge's reaction, the flowers are bleepin' poisonous and she's like "ah, yes, good, I'll keep this." And Indigo, the second most beloved jerkwad in the comic (you all know the first is), is just like "what?"
I like how almost everyone just forgot that Indigo was willing to ruthlessly ruin the life of Evets, especially in moments like these.
OKAY, I have read Gloomverse up to this point all in one day, technically, it is almost 2am now. And now see,s like a good point to take a break and sleep. Amazing content, as always! A good healthy mix of comedy and serious plot and world-building. 10/10, will probably re-read again someday after it finishes!
Aftertale is the reason I found you. I have now, finally, read Gloomverse up to this point in one day, and love it! Can't wait to read more! Love ya and ya work!