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@PastaFearFactory: Coolio! I'm so hooked on this right now.~
Ooh, I wonder what happened...
Axel is gonna tell his friend he's leaving, right?
Omg, that first panel is so cute!πŸ’ž
Raz is literally looking for trouble-
Me after the third time trying to get it in.
Awe, Papy... ;-;
Me when when I open my math book.
July 11th, 2018
Every reader here can be represented by this entire page.
Listen to Sulvain, Raz.
Awe, he's still our precious baby though...
Almost got a heartattack but then I saw it was a hospital.
Heh, I'm with Morty, I never saw Titanic.
Haha, that's rich...
Panels 6 to 9 is so relatable.

(Also, just noticed that saying 6 to 9 fast sounds like 69.)
Dude sounds like he's gonΓ±a propose.
Joa's expression is beautiful. πŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ
X3 This comic...
My laptop broke and I now got a chance to check this, I'm so happy!~ But now, I'm just thinking, 'Daaaamn Raziol! Didn't know you could be like that! X3'
You're playing with my heartstrings, friend.