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Steam: reteK

Closet nerd who likes pokemon, messing with his computer, and computer games.
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Look up Internet historians reading of my immortal, it’s actually the funniest thing ever. I was in tears
When you enter your cheat codes wrong
strong with the force, this one is
Can’t be older than the universe is right? Assuming the universe isn’t older than the Big Bang. Or maybe the Pokémon universe was created differently I dunno. What am I doing rn.
*waiting for the happy feelings to come crashing down* - this gon be good
lol there’s a surprising amount of good and long fanfiction. It got me back into reading a couple of years ago :D
I’m really looking forward to rereading this once the comic is complete, it’s been such a great journey
on the topic of furries, jacksfilms rocked that furvious outfit
Can relate. Was almost pushed off a street car in San Francisco today. Scary times.
You had me scared for a minute. No more boss kitty = no more comic
The scar on his eye actually looks really good
Scuse me but since when have dungeons ever been fair?
@Andrea Lamani : 8/10 chance it's autocorrect, 1/10 chance they just spelled it wrong, 1/10 chance net neutrality.
inb4 she breaks her wrist
It's sort of like watching an MMO group in a dungeon, except it's a pokemon comic. They've got the damage (mewtwo darkrai & gengar maybe?), support and healing (gardevoir and Jen.... maybe lopunny too?). Not sure who the tanks would be. I'm sort of talking out of my ass right now lol.
If hoopa was human, he'd be running an IRS scam.
Pffffft, this one made me laugh a little bit. Nice.
ffs, this is why I fly.