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I am a person who reads sprite comics when I'm bored. And I am making one at the moment.
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October 23rd, 2019
Here's a one panel comic this time around :D
sorry for the delay
September 14th, 2019
what, no "by boogity"?
Hard to reason with a kingdom that hates you
woah pixel art

Captain Toad sprites by Neweegee
Originally, I was going to make a background in Paint.Net of the school itself, but the background looked like crap, so I decided to scrap it
New episode Wednesday about them at school
New schedule sort of
So all 5 of you have are wondering why there's a new episode on a weekday. Well, I imposed a new schedule where I post two episodes on the weekends and one filler-like episode on Wednesday. Whether it happens during the story or just stupid events that have nothing to do with the story, it will be there.
Another episode, another coming Wednesday
Season 3 officially begins!
aaaaaaaand season 2 finally ends. woooooo
sorry for no comics for yesterday
second part of the montage
oh boy
I wonder what Kamek did...
yay wands
50 comics babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
im tired
this is it, this is the final part of "The New King" story. =_=

i really followed smb2, considering its ending.