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I am a person who reads sprite comics when I'm bored. And I am making one at the moment.
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aaaaaaaand season 2 finally ends. woooooo
sorry for no comics for yesterday
second part of the montage
oh boy
I wonder what Kamek did...
yay wands
50 comics babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
im tired
this is it, this is the final part of "The New King" story. =_=

i really followed smb2, considering its ending.
a filler episode that feels like a filler than a one-off comic! :D
i didnt feel like working on the comic at the time (lol hence the definition of hiatus), but I want to continue working on this, and try to at least make the characters feel different from one another. I should have done this from when I first made the comic, but whatevs. But I am back, and in order to at least maintain some consistency, new episodes (part of a story or filler episodes will be released on Saturdays and Sundays.
also i literally kept people waiting this long for this??? lazy >:/
This is a comic I made back in July 2018. This is mainly talking about my first attempt at a sprite comic back in 2013. I didn't know when to upload it, so I just decided to do it now. :P
Well, it's a new year. Best celebrate the last of 2018 however I can.
Sorry for another stupid hiatus, The New King Part 2 will be released soon.
yep. a plan to destroy the world and the response is: "whoops".

Apparently Mario's father is somewhat famous. Who knew?
This is just a callback to doing comics in paint.
Here's another comic.
Text bubbles are colored with the character's respective colors.