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I have no life. :3

BL Comics, Dark Souls, Anime, etc. I know, I'm trash.
I like to write smut, design fantasy weapons, and pretend I'm a Titan when I eat Sour Patch Kids.
I'm a really mischievous person with a very twisted sense of humor.
Check your facts, not your privilege.
And if you should happen to live near San Antonio, Texas... um... well, I like meeting new people.
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@TerribleTobyTrouncer: I find it kind of uncanny that I'd see your comment about loving tension and misunderstandings between characters given recent events. For the past two days, I've been sowing resentment and tension between my players in the D&D game I run. It all came to a crescendo late in yesterday's session when they suffered a humiliating defeat and reached their breaking point. Sure, it hurt me physically to watch their characters fighting, especially after watching them bond, et cetera, up until this point. But really, seeing that conflict was like watching a compelling story get deeper. The existential dread they all felt in the face of a seemingly insurmountable foe — who had just ripped away from them the only hope they had of making him vulnerable — followed by a venom-tongued catharsis between the three.

The best part of it, I think, was the resolution they reached. I honestly thought that it was too much, that they would split, but they came around and stuck together in the game of survival. After finding out just how far their morals differ — and tense confrontations over questionable past decisions — they yet remain in their common goal. In the middle of making up, they were approached by a powerful friend (NPC) who brought them back the item they had just lost, showing them that their resolve wasn't in vain. The way their faces lit up... it was ecstatic.

I have a good feeling something similar is going to happen here. Kim is going to have his catharsis over Kylee making him worry/not coming to get him, they're going to make up, and Kylee gets to stay with him longer to pay off the debt for the burned-down shed. During that time, we'll get to see their relationship develop. In the words of the late Tim Bergling, "In every loss are the bones of a miracle." :D
Oh my.
Alright, but if this gets violent, I don't think I'll be able to come up with another novelization of the scene. xD
@ShadowThorn: It's a great feeling, innit? Getting rid of exhausting shit.

Also, do you get notified whenever there's a comment on this comic or do you just stalk the page? xD
I am bristling at these idiots. The way they're not even sorry... Now look, I get that feeling of loyalty and longing when they're your only friends and you literally have no one better. It's a destitute feeling and a sickness you have to hold onto because it's better than nothing. But goddammit, the moment you've warmed up to better, more wholesome people, you shouldn't even dream of going back to your old toxic crowd.

As if he needed any more reason to turn these awful degenerates in, Kylee now has a budding romance with a beautiful rugged blonde cowboy (for whom I would gladly fall on my sword... or his sword) and Kimrick would appreciate him doing the right thing. Maybe appreciate it so much that he stops wearing shirts around the house. (人´∀`*)
I like Kylee better without all the makeup. :3
Lol. Judging from his physique, Kylee really needed the protein. xD
I dunno how you manage to make Kimrick so aesthetically pleasing with every illustration. Then again, I think it's pretty obvious by now how talented you are at depicting beautiful men. <3

(Speaking of which, we haven't seen Wes for a hot minute now...)

ALSO!! Look at pages 142, 144, and 179. Now look at this page again. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Kylee's skills?! Goddamn, Kimrick's almost balls-deep in that scrawny throat of his and he ain't even gagged at all. What a fuckin' TROOPER!! xD
Little Incubus, to be specific. ;)
@Kyotee#2: Ah, yes. The buttery smooth, sexy voice of Matt Mercer — the greatest Dungeon Master of all time! Perfect for Kimrick.
Aww... oh. OH.
This page is magical — first it makes your heart swell... and then other various swellings follow...
Also, can we take a moment to appreciate Kimrick's gigantic fucking bed? My feet hang off the edge of my bed, but Kimrick's got room enough for a threesome. With Wes, maybe. Hypothetically... *AHEM!* WELL NICE PAGE ANYWAY.
I just want you to know, I fucking love you for this.
Please, please, PLEASE let Kimrick grow out his facial hair, just a little bit! Please let him be all scruffy for a while!
OHHH KIMRICK IS LEANING IN! I REPEAT, HE IS LEANING IN!! Kylee's nonchalant scoot closer has not gone unnoticed or rejected! Will this end out with a hug? A KISS?! Stay tuned and find out next time on Spurs & Stripes!
@redmarielle: Hehe... thaaaaaaaanks ~ ! *blushing to the nth degree*

Sleep deprivation is a miracle drug, ain't it? ヽ(☉ε ⊙)ノ
Oh man...
After hearing the shocking news, his pounding pulse consolidated to a still-shivering sobriety. The man he assumed so strong, so sure and secure... the concept seems almost alien, doesn't it? That a person like him could have even more of the most unlikely things in common.

Caught up in thought, neither had noticed the silence dragging on — the subtle ticking of a distant clock having long fallen on deaf ears. With the silence ending on a bare sigh (little more than a whisper), the opportunity dawned on him.

"Is it okay... if I do something stupid?" he asks, hushed with a dry mouth, scooting closer to the other.
"Depends what it is," the reply came with a slight terseness, meant to veil an anticipation.
Cocking his head slightly, Kylee brought his hand up to Kimrick's shoulder. Only barely grazing fingertips against it at first contact, his hand wholly rested on Kimrick's back with a gentle consoling rub of the thumb. To Kimrick, the connection was like a warm electric hum across his skin — a feeling he'd nearly forgotten, now amplified.

"Maybe it's showing you a little sincerity. Maybe it's apologizing for being a smartass. Maybe it's thanking you for even having mercy on me in the first place. Hell, maybe it's just letting you know I'm here."
"And how exactly are any of those 'stupid'?"
"I'm not really sure. Truth is, I'm just trying to work up the courage to give you the hug you clearly need."

For the first time since Kylee joined him, Kimrick locked eyes with him. Despite his maintained stoicism, his look conveyed a certain softness. After only a moment, he looked down again with the same tired, contemplative expression. Still unsure how to react, he hesitantly leaned into Kylee's affectionate gesture. Loathe to admit it, he needed this little connection more than Kylee would ever know.

"Even when you're stalling, you're so outspoken," he sighed, "Go ahead."
My beautiful blonde man is suffering and this is unacceptable.
I haven't wanted to hug someone this badly since Dean put Castiel in the corner.
@portisHeart: Ah, yes. The "straight gay" archetype which I find so desirable... yet so elusive. I spent years of effort to drop all of my effeminate tendencies in hopes of attracting someone with a more masculine demeanor. I've had a lot of success changing my behavior — not so much success in the dating department... oof.

Also, I think it's pretty funny how you mentioned a leather bar (like, wtf? are we in 1981 or what?) Heh. Just kiddin' with you. ;) And no thanks, I'd sooner chew off my own toes than go to a leather bar — or any sort of gay bar, for that matter.
@portisHeart: Right, but it's the gay version. No actual fighting, just catty remarks. :3