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June 1st, 2018
Dude don't do it. It's not what you think!
Oh boy, that's a cool drawing.
Well it's not perfect for poor Professor Leon, is it?
May 25th, 2018
If they get there and they're too late, I swear to god-
He's probably wise not to turn himself in, let's face it.
Oh yes please talk about your feelings. I'm dying over here.
@Z2: This man is a genius!
It finally hit me that he's the thing he's hunting and I'm so freakin' thick.
Our poor boy is depressed.
@MK-AKA-Morgan: Asking the real questions.
@The Orange Cow: That pun quacked me up.
I will miss his beautiful face most of all.
Heart - broken
Avoiding the question, are we?
"Lady Vessel" ooooh no she's not a sacrifice is she?
I really hope there is a limit or they're all going to starve over winter.
oh no

oh no that's bad
Goodbye, my sweet unfreckled prince.
Dude that's so cute
May 17th, 2018
Stop him! Stop him quick!