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OMFS IT'S GONNA BE THE BRUISES FROM THE PUNISHMENTS O.o Now if they're made by his father, himself or both is not known yet; and for those who may question that, remember that Tobias dad has such a psychological control on his family, that he might as well make the children punish themselves with a whip.
Tobias is ON FIRE today XD and oh poor Rudolph, he's so worried the little beanpole *-*
let's see, Halloween is near, Rudolph convinsed Tobias to try out the audition of a cool and tragic play...does anyone thinks that things will go horribly wrong there? also rudolph is the best beanpole, let's hope he deosn't end up as Tobias, who once was a precious beanpole too
I'm not sure if he's for real or no, but poor soul who's tortured by his brother until 5AM though XD
March 17th, 2018
With each page I love him more and more XD
and with this my theory of Tobias having multiple personalities get stronger, however you still made that scene with Tobias being somewhat possessed, so it's a bit confusing for me @MRCIRCUSPAPA
He's trying SO hard to verbally attack the ghost that it's actually cute XD
This is bad, even Tobias looks scared O.o
@MrCircusPapa Congratulation on your 100 page, and what a way to reach the mark, with a page that is pure gold XD
I'm not sure if he's the best or worst uncle right now XD
I just noticed that Rudolph has an earring XD
@MrCircusPapa: Welp, that explains everything XD
Mr. Edburd somehow reminds me of Alucard from the anime Hellsing. Also, What happened that you decided to stop uploading pages for the rest of the week @MrCircusPapa ?
February 28th, 2018
At the beginning I thought that Tobias only had some hallucinations connected to some kind of disconnection to the world whenever he lost consciousness and probably killed someone/something, then I thought that he might have Double Personality Disorder, since he only not reacts to his surroundings, but also acts with them. Now you make us believe that somehow Tobias is possessed whenever he loses control, but I'm still sticking to my DPD theory, and believe that this is just a way the boy believes he acts while his second personality takes control, and when he where he can only recall some little things, or not everything he does at the least.
I hope I made some sense up here with this little theory of mine XD
February 25th, 2018
And now they'll see that Red was manipulated, otherwise he wouldn't even thought of picking up the gun to begin with. Red will clearly shoot them and probably get shot back in return
February 24th, 2018
Danny is SO lucky, he won't be tortured anymore :D though I'd like to see how would the torture go XD I just love that sadistic guy n.n
February 17th, 2018
@XNerd2: thanks for clarify it to me then, I was trying to look it from every angle I could think of.
February 17th, 2018
@AsphaltEvidence: I don't get the pun then T.T
February 17th, 2018
I may understand the joke, but I'm not sure. Is the joke on the fact that there is no "D" element, and thus "FIXeD" would be misspelled on purpose, or is something else? please tell me something @iMilq