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well, yeah, that's an important question right now XD
That heartbeat line behind the panel solidifies the sudden shock that Tobias must've felt in the instant that her sister said that. I kinda felt a shiver go down my back when I read that too XD
Is he an evil mastermind or something? Because that kind of manipulation and ways of playing the victim is very well done. Either he has a lot of experience or he thoughtabout it a long time and is testing it with Rudy
I love how you make that distorded effect on the comic. Keep going, I look foward to this, it looks very interesting
Passive-aggresive much?
Simon x Adam new Otp? XD
Awwwwww, Wallis is being a human to someone other than Assistant and his mother *-*
I love how, despite trying his best to cal his soon to be friend, Tobias still gets a little stressed out by Rudy's reaction (proven by the little scribbles around the panel)
Is the icecream alive? I see eyes and a mouth and feel like it's gonna scream in any moment XD
Pilot, Where are you looking at? XD
June 24th, 2018
Wait, Broken anniversary will be next Friday? It will be the 3 years anniversary? That's AWESOME, congratulation on that. I guess I missed that because I binged the whole comic about two or three weeks ago XD
June 20th, 2018
Talking about the guy in the strapped bed as a puppy only to treat Bach as one, not sure if ironic or just plain funny XD
I love that second panel, Tobias looks so natural, as if he was acting without a care in the world and with his guard down. It's so strange for Tobias to be acting like this, even in his house he must be alert with his guard up so he doesn't end up being the weakling of the family. It's such a strange and amazing sight, seeing Tobia's being himself.
I wonder, Lucius is Rudy's first or second name?
@MRCIRCUSPAPA please tell me you didn't torture yourself painting Tobias jacket and used a render to do it, otherwise I hope you didn't hurt your hand or wrist O.o
Alright, let's try to see how all of this connects to what we know so far, that isn't explicitly said in the comic at least XD

1) Odette's mom was friends with Silas mom, this can be seen thanks to the same picture seen in the pages 68 and 76
2) Mr.Edburt probably has some kind of weakness with his real name, or rather, the name of the body he's inhabiting (Or according to my MPD theory, the name of the original personality) as seen in page 82, where not only he shows clear discomfort, but his eyes also turns from black with blue iris to white with blue iris and a black center, alongside a sweat drop going down his cheek
3) Odette's mother has a strong resemblance with Tobias mother, I'd say coincidence, but Silas mother also had some similar qualities.
4) All of those dreams, if really are visions of some past memories, took place at most 30 years ago, for Luther's hair when Silas appeared in the rehabilitating center was black, and now in the present is completely gray, thus showing the pass of time, but not enough to create wrinkles on his face, or changing a lot his appearance from when he was younger.

Well, as of right now, my whole theory of Tobias having Multiple Personality Disorder depends on Luther's reaction and answer to Tobias question regarding Silas; for if he gives an answer (whether by words or body language) proving that he really appeared that day, then it's completely debunked. If from what he says/shows Silas existence is fake, then all of that dream can be explained as his own brain trying to understand his own condition.
Okay, everyone says Rudy is wearing a crop, but am I the only one who thinks that he looks like a bee? XD
And we're back to our present, I wonder what that was all about though, a lot happened in what can only now be described as a dream
I'm confused here. First I thought that the room at the beggining of this part of the story reflected some kind of MPD Tobias might have, then you continue the whole story as if that was reality instead of something else, and now you go back to the inside mind of Tobias while still telling the tale of Silas.
Seriously, What's going on here? Are you just messing with us @MRCIRCUSPAPA ? If so then well done sir/lady/whateveryouidentifyas, you've done it, I praise you for you're storytelling abilities
Okay, what the hell is going on, first we were having a moment with Mr.Edburt and then, with a swarm of uploads (8 just today, up to now, if I haven't missed any page), we get to a lot of probably metaphorical pages. WTF O.o