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I love them both already
@Seve: Gasp! How did you know?
That's OK Nate! I'm sure we can find you a gay best friend somewhere who would be just THRILLED to fill in for her....
Keep up the great work! And take your TIME oh my goodness none of us want you to compromise your health or enjoyment in order to pump out more pages. We are so grateful for the quality content you offer us!
I'm laughing so hard right now!!! Poor Lex.
Love this comic! I just binge read it and oml THIS is where i got all caught up. The suspense for the rest of this scene is killing me! (that said, please take your time and take care of yourself first and foremost, dear Author)
This deserves more followers
Hey there, DaughterOfOwls! LOVE your comic. I can't thank you enough for sharing your incredible art and story with us all. I know you very well may have already considered this and have good reasons for not doing so...but have you considered posting this on another site as well? Something like tapastic? I feel like, with such great content, you could get a ton of readers there... and boy, does this deserve more readers. Just a thought! Thank you again for providing the world with this gift!
This is so cool!
Such an imaginative idea
Such a great start--you really feel for her right away!
Can I just say I actually prefer the sexy scenes to be done like this, rather than for them to be really graphic. It just feels so much better. As always, thank you for sharing your breathtaking work with us.
November 14th, 2017
Love your work!
The story is super good so far and your art is awesome! Thanks for creating