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Likewoah. That horse is hot. XD

And I love Drake's sheer cockiness - especially his smirk in the second-to-last panel. Good stuff. <3
How much d'you think I can get one for on e-bay?
Acorn-induced injury. o.O;;;

....*gigglesnort* XD!
As everyone and their dog said before me - your coloring and magical symobolism is great. ^ ^- <3

While your evolved stick figures work well here - I personally like your old ones better for storytelling. They're just... really cute in a simple kind of way. ^ ^
The Pendragon is beautiful. *_*
Your dragon is gorgeous. *_*

And stick-people rock. >D <3
Tail. *_*

*chews on it* <3

That picture was so random it made me laugh out loud. ^ ^;

...okay, so it was more of a snort. ^ ^;;; It was fun, in any case.
Wow, Joan looks really pretty on this page. ^ ^- <3

I love your quotes, by the way. XD!