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Onua without his beard is really weird to me.

Don't get too comfortable with these selected designs--it's them as newb Toa basically. Give it a few more pages/chapter 1 and you'll see how much they've changed.
This page gave me a false sense of security. It was surprisingly fun and easy to paint.
Well after many delays, setbacks, and even having to switch to smack jeeves, here we are. What an incredible journey it's been. Though we're not too far into this yet, I've still learned a lot! I've also have had amazing support of all kinds from fans and friends!

As a friendly note, please realize I'm in the process of securing '' as the main url and NOT ''. It's going to take a few days, however. I'm sorry for the confusion! Just remember to update your bookmark when the time comes.
@Ian Evans: Thank you! I'm currently in the process of transferring domains, fixing the website appearance, and more! Hang with me and I hope you'll enjoy it!
Well, here we go.