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Heyooo! Call me Frost! I'm a random kid somewhere who likes writing, drawing, and ✧.*:✧science.*✧:°. I have a lotta ideas in my mind, but it sure does take a while to get them out!

My current focus is Hoi Polloi! Flowerless is on hold until an unspecified date because I suddenly decided that. I probably won't start it up again until Hoi Polloi is finished.
Seeya later~☆.。+:*・°✧!
September 9th, 2019
@Guest: filter>blur>radial blur
other types of blur are fun too but thats what i used in this instance
motion blur is particularly useful though not in mass quantities as i have discovered
September 5th, 2019
this comic is lies i actually carry four bags on my person at all times
September 5th, 2019
hi im tired,
@misguided_matchmaker: luckily for you i am planning to make a continuation of this. so that you can be even more confused :3
excuse me this is a frosts-only room--
August 15th, 2019
@misguided_matchmaker: I guess maybe it's the present equivalent of my old poetry...<contemplates>
@misguided_matchmaker this is how driving works right
@misguided_matchmaker: XD yea basically
I got that from Captain Obvious because once I see someone else's cartoony style I am liable to adopt little bits into my own
also it just makes face organization so much easier............
[not gonna be the case in hoi polloi tho in hoi polloi they actually have facial structure]
Welcome to the things I think of on a daily basis, as well as the things that I don't.
2nd panel looks like I'm having a musical stomachache but really it's just my hand ringing
blocking the hallway at the dentist's is my full-time job
@misguided_matchmaker: theyd probably charge a ridiculous amount for bail they dont seem to like me
I guess even the blank void doles out consequences.
@misguided_matchmaker: itd be pretty chill probably too chill to even count as a story
@misguided_matchmaker: story where all of the characters are me
@misguided_matchmaker: i have no idea how to preserve the low-effortness of the drawing while still dispelling the curse of the scissor-penis what is ur opinion on this
Fun times, right??
///i get the joke now X'D
welcome to me doing confusing things with scissors
i kno a lot of folks have already said this but this is a really cool concept and I'm excited to see where it goes!! I love the art style too!!