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Writing on Team Fate
Nuzlockes are put behind.

The names Feather, nice to meet cha'!
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You guys do realize that this comic only has 11 pages so far right?
And yet, by telling you guys you have to wait 1-2 years more for continueation you guys still keep coming.
Wtf why are you all still here? xD

Ah anyway enjoy a quick sketch of Fox and Ruka uvu
Ah well putting this in bonus content is fine.
I've uploaded this drawing on last year in july, and damn I'm proud of it.
Though don't look to close, I made some mistakes uvu

This back then was to tease and announce the start of the comic.
It still really good though uvu
Hahaha I'm still good with the mouse! I mean I kinda broke my draw pad and for the other I lost the pen, ah well more focus on writing and sketching I suppose.
Oh btw I'll probably could compare styles later, asking what style you would prefer for the pages(like black&white, pixel, etc.)

I really just messily sketched that, so...

Team Fate Memory Book is based on the game Pokemon Mystery dungeon darkness/time/sky,
however it plays before the main story begins, showing the future.
I also like calling arc 1, future arc.
Anyway it plays through it entirely, from where the human and Grovyle(well treeko here) met to where they leave for the past.

Genres, meh I dunno, depression(not severe though), murder, blood, violence.
Its pretty dark and might get you feels in at least one scene -which I love and cry for-
However despise it being dark it also has many pretty and happy scenes

The arc is divided into 12 chapters. And that is for certain.
I however have not written out the chapters yet, and probably will not until I have written the summary of each chapter of arc 2&3.
Meh no other Teams comic info here. You could already get a lot out of this cover.
Ah well while Memory Book is the title, the book itself does not have a lot of 'screen time', but has a very important purpose.

Ah as I have mentioned here:
I'm actually gonna make for all my comics, all covers&chapter covers before drawing the pages.
Well in this case I'd probably draw these around next year.
All you need to know
If have noticed people getting very interested into my PMD story:

And it has been bothering me that I couldn't put any news or bonus content there.
Why? Well that one is arc two and would give you nothing. meh my decision anyway.
Now I decided since I decided to divine the story in 4 arcs, arc 1 is Memory Book.
The pages will follow 2019/2020 as I probably am done with everything 'till then.

However bonus treats will be uploaded from time to time.
@Bluemj61: Might sound confusing, but the time span works kind of like this: 4 years until Ruka landed in the 'present'. So she spent 4 years doing whatsoever important story arcs, until the actual main story starts, and that is well now with that little vulpix.
Well the charmander ain't wrong.
I'll give ya all a quick translation:

The last step is the hardest.
You need to put all the time gears in the tower of time.
Which is guarded by Dialga.
The funny thing is, the charmander does know what a dungeon is. *grin*
Well, I really like how the unknown look like, ah and remember, the 'book' that is obviously mysterios is not a printed thing.
I really like the dungeons design, and maybe drawing shocked people and pokémon.
@neutral9999: No worries
The charmander doesn’t give a shit
@Bluemj61: Correct~ Although only because of that fact, that grovyle in the game mentions that he and his partner could read it or something like that~
Yeah we finally enter the first dungeon!
@neutral9999: Actually it has only been a week since the last update, after the break has ended. So no worrys it updates every wednesday, european time. Though page 14 might be a little late do to some private problems.
Oh so its Ruka, woah japanese names lol.
Undertale - Follow your path complettly follows the games story lines and has no ‘own’ story. I like everyone who cannot play the game the beauty of Undertale, in form of a comic.

HOWEVER I let the community decide what happens during the comic! (like killing, no killing, interacting or talking with things EXCACTLY like in the game. BUTTTTT If some stuff like for example the date or hangout with papyrus can be choosen. SO meh for questions, go ahead I’ll answer almost all.)

So the community helps the story to be as detailed as the game. So share your knowlegde and advertise this, vote on the polls, and comment on what Frisk should do! (Since we are the Players ;3)

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Strawpoll for the Polls:
As if the human would know anything about other living beings
And the break has ended ;3