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Writing on Team Fate
Nuzlockes are put behind.

The names Feather, nice to meet cha'!
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@Bluemj61: Might sound confusing, but the time span works kind of like this: 4 years until Ruka landed in the 'present'. So she spent 4 years doing whatsoever important story arcs, until the actual main story starts, and that is well now with that little vulpix.
Well the charmander ain't wrong.
I'll give ya all a quick translation:

The last step is the hardest.
You need to put all the time gears in the tower of time.
Which is guarded by Dialga.
The funny thing is, the charmander does know what a dungeon is. *grin*
Well, I really like how the unknown look like, ah and remember, the 'book' that is obviously mysterios is not a printed thing.
I really like the dungeons design, and maybe drawing shocked people and pokémon.
@neutral9999: No worries
The charmander doesn’t give a shit
@Bluemj61: Correct~ Although only because of that fact, that grovyle in the game mentions that he and his partner could read it or something like that~
Yeah we finally enter the first dungeon!
@neutral9999: Actually it has only been a week since the last update, after the break has ended. So no worrys it updates every wednesday, european time. Though page 14 might be a little late do to some private problems.
Oh so its Ruka, woah japanese names lol.
Undertale - Follow your path complettly follows the games story lines and has no ‘own’ story. I like everyone who cannot play the game the beauty of Undertale, in form of a comic.

HOWEVER I let the community decide what happens during the comic! (like killing, no killing, interacting or talking with things EXCACTLY like in the game. BUTTTTT If some stuff like for example the date or hangout with papyrus can be choosen. SO meh for questions, go ahead I’ll answer almost all.)

So the community helps the story to be as detailed as the game. So share your knowlegde and advertise this, vote on the polls, and comment on what Frisk should do! (Since we are the Players ;3)

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Strawpoll for the Polls:
As if the human would know anything about other living beings
And the break has ended ;3
And the schedule break is finally over~