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I've been making comics for a long time here. I really injoy making sprite comics. I'm also a spriter in training (I don't know about you, but I think i'm pretty good so far). I'm good friends with Heavyrose, but I have not seen him for quite a bit.

Something random: "I'm training somebody to be a spriter.
Does that make me a sensei?"
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Hopefully not, I'm still waiting for my Megaman comic to come in the mail.

...Sonic is reading this, I just know it...
Sonic, if you're reading this, go away. If not:
I really worked hard on this one.
I like it. It looks well done. Although My legs do look a little weird.

Ah well, I tried.
He would...
But he needs her for the comic we were about to make.

P.S. exspect no updates for a bit, I have writer's block.
Wrong background...
They just don't agree with my jokes! (XD)
You know Shadowfan0Y90...
I'm not going to care about the comment if it's rude.
From my point of view, you're trying to make me stop my work, my spriting AND the progess of this comic, just to read YOUR silly comic...

As for the other part of your comment...EXITING!?!? The whole point of my comic is to be FUNNY! If I wanted to make this "exiting" (Sorry for sounding like a smart-ass, but it's spelled: exciting)I would make a diffent comic, it would not have the title it has today, and the category would have "action" instead of "humor".

Btw, I DID read the comic. but I had to stop reading it because my eyes burnt up.

And thank you godmoderncommander (Sorry, I would rather not say your real name unless I know it's made up) for supporting me and the comic so far.
One of the many reasons why Sonic doen't go out often...
...Well, in my comics any way.

(For the people who are reading this on sept 14th 2010, I may not update that day because I had to go on my computer late that day.)
Wow, that was both awesome, and inspiring 0_0.

Any way, yes, I'll admit it as the author of the comic, the speech bubbles are too far away, but that's to make sure any one else reading this will read it the correct way.

Why the boxes are so big is because it's easier to edit mistakes (That and bigger is better isn't it?)

Shadowfan, I understand you don't like how the comic looks or how messed up it is. I'll do better next time.(As for the comic, I'm not too sure. I'm trying to come up with my own jokes on my own and I don't want to end up stealing one of your jokes without even knowing.)

As for KingCorp, thank you for your comment! *<)*
That is very true....
especially the cookies part <)
I'm not lazy, they're lazy!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it! =)
To make it short:
Zash had a comic the same name as mine, and I had no clue.

I'm also asking I should change the name.
Woah, This werid, I've been making these comics and I had no idea you had a comic the same name!

Sorry Zash, I had no idea your comic even existed.
Where's the time gone?
and better yet, where's heavy?
I go boom
Am I that light? XD
The Brakes Are jamed
What I miss ;)

=| Wow, the comic hasn't been updated in quite a bit.
Link here!
More to come!
...hopefully I'll make more.

Also for those who where wondering, Knux made sonic disapper in the banner.
He's back?
I hope so! This Idea just came to mind, More SHOULD come.
Jonik the hedgehog
At last!
ME: we got all ready, okay!?
Noooooo! not amy!!!