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I think I like Luther
@TheLezbian monkey: beautifully done
why have kids if you clearly don't want them? It's called protection, use it kids(not actually kids, you must be legal).
Perhaps he snapped
I can't tell if he meant it that way to be the sarcastic (yet very messed up) little shit he is, or if he is just that pure. (but like not bc obviously....)
Have fun and good luck! Stay safe!
AHHHHHHH I can't contain myselfksjf;a'flkj
I often wonder that myself.
This is how I feel everytime I meet my friend's fathers.
Oh my god
Can I just say how much I love this comic? It's angelic!
me @ my teachers
His feet uwu
what did I sign up for
I don't think that's good
okay quick story. While I clicked on this, I yawned. While I yawned it felt as though my heart literally flipped because I saw the first panel.
Ahh! This is so cute!