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Where's the forum gone? Laptop died on my mid November and I've only just just this new machine AND I CANNOT FIND YOU ALL.
Erm. I know I'm the guy in the red cape, who's the guy in the green cape? d=P
Oh lordy
Ok, so Axel's the starter....Who's going to be the main course? d=P

Great comic. Can't wait for the third part O master of flame obsessed idiots
Not until you mentioned it d=P

Hey, parents can be annoying, but they (probably d=S) love you to bits..

Still doesn't stop you from creating kick arse characters though d=)
I think you better run...
And as usual, Sirus is the only person sane enough NOT to follow you lot d=P

Great comic, Axel
Just that it's always going to be better than anything I can do d=P

Good Pic Versilaryan
Saw the censor...

FINE, whatever...
BB has evictions. Unless of course you meant actually getting killed.

And I'd run from a naked guy ANYWAY...bugger if he's trying to kill meh or not
TRG : Big Brother. They all live in a house together. Utter crap (the show, not the comic) IMO
As I'm still Striker's "Appentice", surely it would make sense that at least I was on Striker's team? Other than that, smells like a fastly thickening plot to me d=)
If it makes you feel better, you draw better than meh...
Just a dragon and a Mallet...Nothing to see here!
Good job. Next time remind meh never to annoy you...

And You took a picture of this? 1337 Cam Skills!

-Sirus Diarota. Radio Gamer...Sadly
Guessing someone finally killed me off lol

Good comic
£5 Says SZO on the roof with a "Ninja Newb" sign, and a kunai in the other hand...

Kunai = throwing knife for the non-sword knowing people
Sirus : Um, since when did you do anything legally Striker? Granted that's an awful amount of cannonfodder around...Try yelling out "Minja Attack!" and weave in and out of the now panic stricken crowd

TheMadDJ : Man SZO's gonna kill you in another filler after that. Can't say it's worth being knawed to death

Sirus : Point taken, although he'll have to find me first!

TheMadDJ : Bribe is an awfully nice word....
Sirus: Who needs a weapon when you could just hadoken the crap out of anything that moves?

TheMadDJ: Erm...No Hadoken zone?

Sirus: ...Fine. Get the pickles and use them to blind the guards and to disable the serutiry. Then steal anything that looks useful and run like there's no tomorrow!

TheMadDJ: If Striker's the WSer, then there probably is no tomorrow...

Sirus: Hush
Fear Meh spelt "movie" wrong

I've never heard of a moive...
One question
Uh huh, Does that shield block phyiscal projectiles? *Fires sniper rifle*
I get the red X of doom