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Oh my gosh this is so cute! Can't wait to read more <333
Oh my
That look of determination 😂 GO GET YOUR MAN
Awww I hope you feel better!
Love this
Oooo learning a new side of the dad <333 love this comic keep up the awesome work!~
I want you to enjoy making this comic as much as we do reading it, take your time! <3<3<3
I'm screaming 😂 I can't with these two
For a second I thought he was allergic to olives or something and got scared but everything is fine 😂
I always get excited when I see that autophobia updated ^^
Too cute <3
Jacob and Julian?
Yeah it's weird that he would notice Hendricks collar and it seems like that would be something only a crush would notice but they've known each other for awhile right? I think it's weirder how he recognizes what Julian's collar is, ya know the guy he's supposed to hate and bully? If you hate him why would you know something so small like the shape of his collar? So many questions...
Amazing page as usual! But don't push yourself too hard remember to get some rest when you need it <3
Can I just say how kinda awesome it is going from this super awkward thing where you could actually feel the insanely weird awkward tension through the screen and going to something where it's incredibly sexy and they're both comfortable.
Where did the girlfriend come from now though? Wonder what happened after this ;c
Lol mirah is the only one with hickeys 😂
Omg is this "the big thing that's bound to happen"? Plz don't break my heart with a cockblock in the next page 😂😂😂
"Wrap it before you tap it" oml I'm dying I love the sister
Ya know shiz gets real when they drop the title :ppp
October 23rd, 2017
Love the story so far! <333