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Les Piggies is an on-going graphic novel about how a couple of kitchen folk plot together to derail the plans of their head chef, Mr. Wolf. The book will be released in a series of volumes. V.1, "a Wolf and his Dinner", is available to read now.
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    Kari Lynch & Bailie Rosenlund
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The bubbles are pink now!

No reason.

- Kari.
Short Hiatus
Hey, Folks!

We'll be going on a one or possibly two month hiatus before posting the next pages. This week is a surprise 3 page post so we can have this natural break in the story.

I will do my best to keep the patreon alive for both patrons and the public so if you're LP content depraved, follow us there so you can hear all the latest news.

Back soon!
We're Coming Back, Folks!
Big news!

We've decided we're just going to go ahead and start uploading v.2, starting next week, cause we're just so damn excited about it. It will be TWICE the length of v.1 so buckle up, Sweets.

If you're interested in getting to know us and how we do this thing we love, follow us on something! ----> @LesPiggies

See you next week!
February 10th, 2018
Thank you! Our characters and story are definetly inspired by classic Grimm tales including the three pigs. You’ll see in volume two some strong correlations to Little Red Riding Hood as well!
December 27th, 2017
@xX-Ghost-Xx: Hey there! Thank you for pointing this out! It should be fixed now :)
October 31st, 2017
@eleanordreaming: Thank you so much! We are super excited to release more!