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How much better is Avis' punch now compared to her last one?
I hope she's nice...
Wow.....seriously, Greed? Does he/they/it not feel pain or something?
Good luck on your voice audition, by the way!
I'm torn between wanting to learn more and hoping for RGB's safety.
@The_mad_one: on the last page, RGB's name was always circled by Hero's speech bubble color, showing that the person yelling 'get up' does not know him as RGB, and it was only Hero who knew that name.
This page was such a shock to see right now. I thought for sure that it would come much later. (Oh, and now all of our human RGB headcanons hold real meaning. I guess that's good?) But why is that person hitting him in the second panel? That's horrible!
Could someone explain this page to me please?
Hope he's alright...
Finally! I was waiting for the murder mystery!
@CreepehCreep: Positively joyful!
I have a bad case of unease and second-hand embarrassment...
February 21st, 2018
I'm sorry, but I'm not getting it.
Pilot's a CYBORG?!
On Paollo
Wait.... So he can just create things out of thin air? Is that why he's so important?
@colonelsnivy: her name is ylil
@JustAGuess: *hops onto nearby couch with toasted almonds in hand*
So the color kids are not from Gloomverse after all!
Eye love this page! Hope RGB's and Hero's relationship will heal!
So was whoever Dial was talking to threatening to unmake him?