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So looking at all of the different captured kids it's cool to see all of the different races and species that the Feyn have captured. It's also interesting how each font represents a different spoken language, so we see that they have kidnapped children from all around the world. Very cool!
Christine's eyes in the last picture are going to haunt me forever. I love this comic!
ylil is adorable but then u remember that she stole those eyes from a kidnapped stratoversian :D
...What was that about Hero losing her eyes later?
November 11th, 2018
oh no now it'll smell siren's blood
@WiispNightmare: same, did no one else catch that?
are they saying her name in a faye accent?
flower power
Idk why but I thought Hobo was shorter than that.
But what did she hear? WHAT DOES SHE KNOW?!
yes save my favorite minor character now pls

what was his name again he rly shouldn't be my favorite
Is this something from Archipelago (hopefully I spelled it right) that I'm not familiar with? Is it necessary to read Archipelago to enjoy this comic? Or is this just a monster that showed up here that I forgot?
the big guy with his blue eyes and highlights looks kind of adorable idk
@FluffyFluffyFlareon: I googled it as soon as I read your comment
hey are all of those keyholes gonna be important later on
Humanitates (I hope that's her/their name) is my favorite character so far.
This is a wonderful story! Thanks for posting it, reading it really makes my day!
How much better is Avis' punch now compared to her last one?
I hope she's nice...
Wow.....seriously, Greed? Does he/they/it not feel pain or something?
Good luck on your voice audition, by the way!