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I've always been a fan of comics and after ending a career as a tattoo artist, I've wanted to persue something in the world of art and popular culture. I'll be posting a webcomic on here and would love to hear your feedback!
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    Skip Edwards
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Sorry for the long break! Been learning lots and working on another project! Cheers!
I'd love to hear if you're enjoying the comic as much as I'm enjoying making it!
Page 7
Trying to make the action as exciting as I can. This page took a lot longer than I'd hoped. Next page, we'll see the epic battle of Paladin mode Tony and the Soaghetti monster thx so much for reading!
Skip Edwards
September 16th, 2017
Great work!
Weekly updates
Vacation is over! Had a great time working on the last few pages. Look for updates on Saturdays til I get some more time off!
Story is starting to take shape. One more character to introduce. Enjoy!
Nobody should order a Spaghetti dinner at a diner...
Sample page
I'll start updating this page next week. This is a sample of one interaction with two of the main characters, Albert and Chip. I do feel it sets a good tone for the comic I'll be making. Enjoy!