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September 28th, 2018
Would ask some unrealated question "Uh, wings or controlled invisability?"
that was simple-looking yet smooth transformstion
Who cares
It might be all part of the plan... or not. Who cares when we got that devilish face XD
I'm not buying it. Emilio is sneaky as hell, he just quickly adapted for Tobias's usual behavior to gain his trust
Oh, it won't be so easy for Rudy and Tobias as I thought.
Did you sell your soul for those mad skills? It is simply-looking , yet amazing work!
If Rudy die I might cry first for a good two years
Rudy have pumpkin earrings? Awww
ЭТО ПРОСТО... ААА... Нет слов, автор, только эмоции. Я был так поражен вашей скоростью ранее, что сам не заметил насколько близкими мне стали эти персонажи за столь короткое время.

Thank you so much for this beautiful scene, I like all of you characters and I feel for Tobi and Rudy so real right now
@Guest: Well judging by their names it's probably some weird almost illegal gore stuff you would find on Dark net
TV and laptop =3

BTW kinda curious what are these 3 objects near laptop
Emilio did nothing wrong
Tobias play
Why Tobias needs to befriend with Rudy? Did I missed something or it wasn't revealed yet?
Rudy's killer stare
I like cool Rudy so much
Keep it up! It's kinda forced to be maybe too fast, but very likeable non the less.
Angry Rudy is so cool... Just want to say "Yes! Finaly!" it took so long for at least their mom to recognize her own kids as human beings, instead of some "broken" property that needs "repair".
How the hell you draw so fast?!?!