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@Puppies&Art: Then you're gonna love what's coming for him. :U
@gentlechaos: Producing print copies is my ultimate end goal!:)
@Tehpikachu: Thank you! Really happy with how this turned out :3
I don't usually update outside of normal schedule but since I planned on releasing two spreads this week, I thought It'd be a good idea to post one earlier. I'll try my best to update Wednesdays from now on if I get significantly ahead on comic pages. Better pacing this way, I think.
@axis_rhys: I divided my spreads in to single pages on Tapastic which seems to be better equipped for mobile
Tastes like chicken!
@Oblivion Umbreon:

If you're referring to how Dunbar looks in the first few chapters of the comic, he is fully grown. The proportions look awkward cause I just wasn't completely used to drawing the characters at that time.