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@Pyrouge: Thank you very much :)
@Truefan108: Thank god my own bouts of sleep paralysis isn't as scary as this. :o
@Tehpikachu: Thank you! This wasn't an easy one for sure, but turned out pretty close to what I wanted with the busy individuals in the background and stuff.
Detective Melilot Stains silently questioning his life choices during a busy evening at The Lagotto Rustico Family Restaurant. Owner Milly would much rather focus on the cooking than deal with the utter chaos that is the dining area.
@Guest: Kids can be pretty cruel, regardless of where they are from.

Updating early this week due to an unexpected schedule change.
Did you know that ITLD has music written after it? Back when the project was still a video game idea, my good friend and collaborator Headache Central composed a “boss battle” theme for the Wolf Therian called "Run With The Wolf".

Despite being buried under obscurity after the project was switched to a webcomic, our talented friend and fellow youtuber Dado Simic wanted to do a cover of this amazing piece. We all thought the music was too good not to be shown to the world, thus this little collab between us three was born.

Think of it as a cross promotional piece of sorts: Me on the project idea and artwork, Matthew on the original music, and Dado on the cover video!

Link to Run With The Wolf cover video by Dado Simic:

Link to Run With The Wolf retro mix by Headache Central: