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@Puppies&Art: The smoke tentacle thingy is the wolf's musk.
@Puppies&Art: Ha, good one. XD
@Berrielover: More like a gallon of Listerine.
Double post for this week.

Cue vomit discretion shot.
@Puppies&Art: haha love the sarcasm. :D
@Truefan108: His sacrifice won't be in vain.
@JovanW: Totally.

Jokes aside, The Lion doesn't appear yet. Enjoy the wolf for now. :)
@JustCallMeJ: Unless the beast was on a diet. But unfortunately for the critters, that is not the case.
@JovanW: angry face.
@PossumFlavored: Thank you! More to come.
@TrueFan: It never fails. :)
@JovanW: the dialogue was a lot of fun to write that's for sure!
I won't explain yet what that poster is about, nor why Dunbar gets sentimental about it. As a bit of trivia though, I'd like to note that this project was tentatively called "Project Forsaken" before I settled on ITLD. =D

To be fair, this guy is a dog-fied version of my friend's coyote fursona so that could be why he looks wolf-ish. But I'll keep that in mind for future background characters.

Yep! New pages every Saturday.


The only wolf is the giant spooky one. C:
@Charlotte057: If only it were that easy.