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Hey, It'sa me Nintendude.
I like mario games and mostly nintendo games.
I like all sorts of SNES games, infact my favorite game Kirby super star is for SNES. :D
I got nothing else to say for now.
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This page gets my vote for darkest joke.
99....ALMOST 100
It's the 99th page already?

To celebrate give me what game you wish me to create into a page. also give me money, your money will make me more and more powerful.
2B a master.
lol, it was the only title I could think of.

Here's something special, I have 5 new pages that I said I wouldn't update to this site, but these are just too good to not upload.

By "I wouldn't update to this site" I mean It's too much work uploading so many pages to another site, It isn't anything regarding Mature content or anything.
We're immortal.
This comic doesn't die, it's immortal.
I keep saying that the comic is posted on another site and I update the comic more there.
If you don't see an update happening soon then go here:

This site contains lots of pages that aren't uploaded to this site and might not ever, it's not something mature rated or anything, it's just too many things to upload at a time.

As a conclusion you might want another Highlander reference, so...for no reason I'm gonna say this to other comics like this.
NEW page and NEW thing
Greetings, after reading some of the pages here you may want to make your own one-liners,'re in luck.

Create a one liner (one panel) comic for me and it'll be a extra comic.
Now you may not know I have restrictions to some things so here's a list.
1. Has to based on NINTENDO game (not including Nintendo licensed)
2. One panel = One liner (example this page except only one text box)
3. No repeats for at least 5 days. This means I don't do the same game twice for 5 days so your comic cannot be based on these games:
Kirby Superstar (and superstar Ultra)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (remake and original)
Mario & Luigi 3 (Other Mario & Luigi RPGs are allowed)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Remake and original)
Mario Party Advance.
4. Has to be nice and neat (try to do what I do in my comic to make the text boxes look neat)

To send just make a link to your page in the comic.
My favorite is posted on the comic as an EXTRA page, not one a daily.
If there are a lot of good ones I'll make a top 5 list for those that gave great effort.
DO NOT hover mouse over comic...
You never should make meeting with bombs, they can never end.

Also, if you haven't known already some pages have secret messages when you hover your cursor on the comic.
I almost never make a comic that spoils the story of a game so I think it'll be good to write a warning.

Anyway I personally think the "Darkstar" is kinda of a cheap name for a villain...the DARKstar...better go grab the LIGHTstar and have them duke it out!
Bowser likes to tell Mario that he kidnapped the princess, guess he's being nice...and stupid...
OMG Author Comment
It's kinda hard to make fun of some things since they have already been done...expect some pages being less funnier than others.
Medical Advertising

they cure anything...but smashing them and making them bleed to NOW!
No updates...WHAT!?
like I said in a message before I haven't been updating Nintendo Randomness because I'm updating the same webcomic on another site.

So, If I'm not updating in a long time it's because the comic is being mostly updated on another site.
Author Comment! Fear it...please?
Remember the fish from the first page?
Well they are back! And still fail...

Now you know how the fire flower can be overpowered.
I screwed up
sometimes I don't know I posted the page already and post it again.
Once I figure out how to delete one of the pages I will.
(possibly the page with the least amount of comments will be deleted...I like comments :D )
Some tracks in the game have pits.
Yeah, you should get the joke now...I guess.
I forgot which Zelda game had this but you were able to steal items from the guy's shop. If you steal something and go back inside the shop the old man will kill you.
You people think you can just use your P-wing and fly through this entire level?
lol yes, I would make more Metroid and Starfox strips if I played the game more.
Since I don't know that much about the games there's little to do.
For those wondering...Salt kills snails and slugs.
And link is one who gave the slugs SALTwater.
For those wondering...Salt kills snails and slugs.
And link is one who gave the slugs SALTwater.
*spoiler* DO NOT read unless you don't get the joke.
Red koopas cannot fall off ledges, instead they turn the other direction.