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I am an original manga artist that has a love for video games and everything fantasy. This is apparent as my online comic is based off of a fictional mmorpg that I made up called, Digital Odyssey.
Been working strange hours
Sorry that ive been updating slowly. Now that I have a new job and new work schedule its been making everything harder. But fear not! I will still continue to update! Thanks or being so patient folks! I hope that I can get some of the chaos straightened out pretty soon!
Time to get to the meat of what the Sacred Scroll of Unity does. ;D
@vladitsvar: Of course. You will see how this all ties in soon :D
Been a bit busy guys sorry!
Sorry for the late updates. I have been busy trying to get a high paid commission done so I had to do what came first. There is a strict time constrain so I didn't have time to work within those parameters and also work on my comic as well. The comic is now back and you will get regular updates now that it is finished. Thanks for your patience folks!
@EsalRider: Thanks for letting me know. I will work on getting it fixed. I have been busy with a paid project so I am just now seeing this. :)
Back from my break with a fresh splash page! More to come soon~
So, the comic is returning next week! I wanted to get two pages to post up for you guys but until then, i'll post an advertisement for my patreon page. Id love to make comic drawing a full time thing so that I can get pages out faster to you guys. Please visit me at ! Its pretty new but I will have some exclusive content up soon which will include exclusive videos, art, bonus comics and even early viewing of pages. As a matter of fact, I will post up the new pages for next week early for patreons as well as other content that will be posted. Thanks a lot guys!
Eye Candy Creations
This is a drawing of Langly's lover Twilight Suzuka, drawn by the person who created her by the name of Saterriah! I think her version of Twilight Suzuka is absolutely beautiful and deserves a big spotlight for it!

Saterriah has created a group on facebook called Eye Candy Creations where you can post things you want to sell that you made for sale. There are a few artists and a few people who create content on IMVU and maybe other digital places where you can create clothing. I am also a mod in this group :D. If you would like to join, please follow the website below and we will definitely be happy to have you! I hope that our creative community is right for you!
It's off on the side. I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into the shot. XD I will show how It looks in a later chapter .
Yeah it's off on the side xD. I didn't know how to incorporate it into the shot xD I'll show it in a later chapter.
Coming up on some pretty heavy work days this holiday season so I will probably be much slower with the updates guys. Sorry! But good thing is that I am almost done with this chapter xD!
I am sorry guys for the late entry. Funny story! I ended up getting sick last week and had to postpone. Reason why is because well... I got my flu shot a few weeks ago. But... well, last week I started getting sick and turns out I had the flu. I didn't draw for days and I was miserable! I am back though and through it all was able to finish this page. Its not two like I have been doing but I hope this is enough till I am able to come out with more. Thanks for understanding guys! Enjoy!
November 9th, 2017
I love this covver! You did some excellent work on it!
The biggest cockblock i've ever witnessed! LMAO
im gushing with fangirlness right now! LOL!
*que's the porn music* No seriously... this is really adorable xD
Omg I love this comic! And yes a store would be great!
@vladitsvar: They are totally cute :3
Drawn By Wonderstalgic Sensations
Hey guys I wanted to do something new today! I wanted to showcase some art that I commissioned from Wonderstalgic Sensations of Kimaki and Kitty. I also wanted to plug in a nice little advertisement to his comic on Webtoons called "Dogs of War", which is based off of a RP that they used to do on IMVU. Its a really gritty and engaging story and I would really like it if you guysread it at: -part-1-/viewer?title_no=106673&episode_no=2 (COPY AND PASTE THE LINK TO YOUR BROWSER)

If anyone wants to advertise their comic I will definitely do a nice little plug at the end of my chapter partitions. Just please, before doing so, send me cover art from the comic as well as a link. I used the commission I got from Wonderstalgic Sensation this time because I love it. Even if you want to use fanart of my characters, thats ok, as long as you provide me with a link and an example of your artwork. To advertise at the end of my chapter partitions please send me a message on Smackjeeves and I will give you information on how to send me your information. :) Thanks!
@vladitsvar: KINDA lol! ;P