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Hi I'm shiny umbreon 888! (at lest that is the online name I go by) I love to draw and iv'e stared some non-exsistaint comics based on other comics books- even youtube videos!!

I also love helping/ editing comic so come to me if you need any tips!

I love Pokemon and warrior cats reading painting and drawing!
I'm a chatterbox and a perfectionist and I prefer pen and paper to digital art
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hollyleaf is black fyi otherwise its great!
Hey where’s my starter well this comic is great and I enjoy it alot
*Comments at 12:10* *waits to see how long it takes to comment*
Are you still accepting requests? I have one
This comic is great!
How does Tess have same eyes as an eevee and different as umbreon
I just noticed that umbreon and espeon used to be good friends?
@PKM-10 what is your favorite eeveelution? Im guessing jolteon b/c main character but Id like to know your opinion? I like umbreon.
those vulpix... Sqweee!
Why I’m always grumpy
@ShadowStalker1128: *waits another 0.1 milliseconds for someone else to comment* ahh my game is done loading UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN *cue the dramatic escape* also my best friend from Seattle is visiting see you in 2-3 days!
@ShadowStalker1128: Well that was meant for both of you I just knew you would see it because its your art dump also I saw both of them at the same time AND ALSO that is my fav hero even through its not a cat
@WildfireK: ahh! you took literally 2 seconds to comment lol
@WildfireK: its called castle cats I also play it :3
@Turtwigsfire13:yep didn’t see that blue one! Sorry!