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Oh and if anyone was wondering here are my honorable mentions
-pretty much all of the eeveelutions
-Grass: Skiddo and Gogoat and The other shaymin
-Fire: Arcanine the Litten Line and Cyindyquill
-Water: Greninga lapras and crocenjaw
-Normal: Eevee and ditto
Electric: The whole mareep line Pichu and Richu (pikachu is way to popular for me)
-Psychic: Mew Abra and Meowstic
-Fighting: Hitmonlee
-Rock: Rockruff and Midnight form Lycanrock and golem (don't ask)
-Ground: Mudslade
-Flying: All the non dragon type dragons
-Bug: butterfree
-Poison: I really don't know None I think But I like all poison type Pokemon
-Dark Absol Mega Absol and Leipad
-Ghost: Lunala
-Ice:alonad nine tails sandhrew and sandslash
-Steel: sogaleo
sorry about spelling Im terrible at spelling thank you for understanding
@>~<: Thx,But I have A Female Friend named Alex like Avery its a name neither male or female.
I made this with a simple genorater clik the link to make one and them post in in a comment!!
Ok I really don't know why I put this in but here are my favorite Pokemon of each type
Very exited for reboot! (though I like the name Ace better anyone agree with me?)
its "the ___ is coming (My decoding skills are still not very good)
My first comic page ever what its called its what it means
nice art style!
I still like him (pretty much all the mutated cats on that thing are good)
one more thing this picture was phone edited so you can see the purple a bit more
(I talk alot you can tell)
Hey! I have a quick question too!
I know you have seen my darkness cat you know nightshade well... i was wondering if she was to well dark because of darkness powers but I think of her like a dark type Pokemon some people like them some people dont oh and im super sorry to keep bothering you,but you're really one of the only people that answer my questions like ill go on you tube and I will ask a you tuber something like... "hey when is you're next video coming?" and I will never get a response (its very annoying) so sorry for bothering you (:
Oh one more thing! are you planing on making more b/c some web comic people are like "I have the next page" and then they never. ever. post. it.
hello its me.
Please make more
I mean i know I really know they take a long time to draw but this seams awesome
night shade!!
please enjoy! hope she makes it into the comics I would love that make sure to see the description (its with the link)
and this cat was (obviously) hand drawn!
Hope this gets through please pardon for odd drawing!
pretty great art would not be surprised if it made it it got the comic *holds thumb up*
different name though

(please dont get sued)
lol (: (nice dragon btw)
sorry thx PS this is one of the most intresting idieas for a web comic ive ever seen (no hate)
if it killed evering why is there green grass still?
@Pinkeevee222: hi I really like your eevee academy web comic!!