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Phoenix of Chaos
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Punch things until they stop moving!
Boss Battle: Gotta be Deadpool. He seems good to fool around with the April Fool guy.

SOR vs FF: I don't know these two games at all so no vote here.

Open Challenge: Send in the Haggar! Brute VS Brute.

Tag Title: Send in the monkeys! Diddy and Donkey Kongs.

Main Event: Spider Man, Great Oni, Mecha Sonic, Zangief and Yugi. All based on the grounds of "why not".
We gotta get Raaaaaaaaaaaaaging
Welp. I've caught up again. Dear gods.
Suddenly reminded of Triple Zero, back when I did RPGitM...
Uh, guys, I kinda need you to fill the template out...
Not quite, Darkness, guess again.
Rules for Application
Any and all former entrants are going to be disregarded. If you want them in, call them in now.

It'll be a standard 1v1 comic - no teams - with one entrant per author. The template for applications would be appreciated as thus.

Name: Your character's preferred name. May or may not be their official name.
Fighting Class: Melee, Ranged, Magic. One of these is advised, although hybrids are allowable.
Fighting Details: Specifics on tactics.
Weaknesses: What your character is vulnerable to, their shortfalls, etc.
Bio: A basic understanding of who the character is and why they joined Survive in the first place. Is it for the money, or power? Do they want to just improve their fighting ability, or do they have a grudge?
Noteworthy Attacks: Anything applies here - think of Smash Bros' special attacks, although you don't need all four slots filled. One offensive and one defensive/utility would be useful.

Here, have an example for Efi.

Name: Efi.
Fighting Class: Ranged
Fighting Details: Telekinetically controls an axe to fight from range.
Weaknesses: Very little combat stamina, can't focus on multiple targets.
Bio: Efi heralds from a small village in a forest. She doesn't remember much more than that, other than her axe being very important to her and that she has to honour her name in Survive.
Noteworthy attacks: Shatterblade (Telekinetically splits her blade into fragments, which then fly at the opponent from all angles), Shattershield (Same as Shatterblade, but used defensively to parry attacks. Ineffective against magic)
Don't let Shulk get anywhere near here. Just trust me on that.
This is better than my first effort. We don't talk about my first effort.
@Spekkal_X2: Eh, I tried. I guess I still have For No Good Reason to post practice stuff on.
... come to think of it, mind if I join up? I could do with posting some practice stuff here too.
@Spekkal_X2: We should get in touch again. Got Skype?
Oh, gods, you too? xD Is everybody planning a resurrection or something? And here I thought it was just me...
I just grabbed the first Eggman I came across, but thanks for pointing these out. I'm sure they'll be much more useful.
Alright, yes, I'm planning a comeback with a new comic. I'm aware of the bitmixing on this one, and I'm also aware of the text not being overly central. Anyone got any more advice to help me get back into it?
Hey, man, thinking of getting back into comicing. Trying to get the basics down pat, your abilities at editing sprites seems like a good place to start.
@Swithe: It was supposed to refer to the trope "But thou must", which this is a pretty strong reference to.