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I'm a 20 year old boy
I love fantasy stories , comics,games,films,...
I'm a student Informatica
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STU i think its time to change image hosts
Photobucket keeps eating yours
Photobucket ate your comic again STU
another comic has been eaten(its missing again)
Uhmm, cant see the commic/advice (its gone)all up to #33
Horay 2 me
-finally caught up on the archives, took me 2 whole days

- YAY new press start movie whercanigetittellmenoworMartingetsit
strange shorts for those courses (ps im from belgium)
Yay 1 more year of archives to go
I do
on there defence this fusion was like 1 jear and half ago
(of my comment) for real good laughs Google phoenix wrong
this is so El Goonish Shive!!
still so funny
OH noes Enigma u jinxed mp even more
March 10th, 2011
Reminds me of the test i did with 4teams 4members all stacked on top of each-other close to the edge of the screen/water and then launching a skunk-bomb
good times, good times
does the stats get created randomly? somehow my brute is a all brawn Botch!
do Maplestory chars and weapons really Count?? or do i smell cheaters
Earch to tip rising
Just something random,wait, no bacon?
its better then other comics i read over the year so be proud of yourself id say
no I don't think it would be overkill, i think martin has pointed it out in comic before so people who still ask ether dont read (all) the comics anyway, or are freakin idiots.
poor poor moop