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I like: Rain, Rivers, cloudy days, wolves, foxes, anime, manga, Neji, Gaara, and Itachi from Naruto.
I dislike: my brother, when my computer crashes and when my beta nevers sends me my chapies back on FanFiction
I hate: Perverts, playboys, spinich, and my Bff when she is Pissed off.
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For some reason I was expecting another "they're girls" page...I am both tearfully happy and a little pretty~ Merry Happy Hanukkah Birthday Christmas!!
I'd buy one ^_^

is it weird that I though Jude was a women up until now?
You know, I am on a huge Kingdom Hearts kick right now so it might just be in my head, but Damian really reminds me of Axel...odd or is it?

*going to buy it*
@Soen Kai: I'm sorry, I just like to be ahead of things...>.> will you put the link up when it does become available?
Can I get a link to the English eBook on cursed side? I can't find it...
But he is alot cuter nao XD
His hair! His Beautiful hair!!!
ZOMG it's soooooo deep TT^TT love it XD
Dawwwwww~ so sweet~ and cute~ and normally I would hate that but THIS...THIS is AMAZING ^3^ keep on and party on~
Totally just noticed the tail >.> i feel bad for some reason
....the effect from the first panel reminds me of a Kamehameha from first thought in my head was of Craig shooting a laser out of his penis >.> is that odd?
yay~ shuno flashback time XD
.....Part of me wants Shuno to kill her and the other part of me wants her to end up making a fool of her shelf and Kaito getting his s#*t back together XD
still love the story
DAMN!!! i was looking forward to mansmex TT^TT oh well...still perty!!!
this caused flashbacks...

my mom: What are you going to do for the 17 hour road trip, honey?
my brother: *straight face* Fap.
Me: Pfft.

needless to say he was grounded after said statement XD
December 14th, 2011
you knoe~ Kaito kinda looks like a chick with them there hips of his...can anyone say: future crossdressing? XP