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I feel like I have so many stories I want to draw...@_@ I have been drawing all different kinds of genres lately so who knows what I'll upload next.

But anyways, thanks for stopping by to read my comics! ^_^
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This closes out Chapter 6, on to Chapter 7! Expect slower updates with the Holiday season approaching (sorry) I will try and update again soon! Stick around ;)
@ZSnazzy He's gonna be in trouble if he finds out!

@YukixKaname1 I know what is he thinking?! O_O
@Battle Ravyn
Thanks so much!!! More coming soon!
@Battle Ravyn
You are correct! I have 0% digital skills, still using traditional medium. All my pages start with pencil, then ink, then colored mostly with colored pencils, pastels, and sometimes markers. Hope to learn digital one day : )
Oh Reed, just what are you up to?
Thanks so much!! Enjoy!
~I've hit the 100th page!~

Thanks again for those reading and always commenting on my story, it really helps keep me drawing ^_^
So, everyone saw this coming a mile away right...right? XD
@YukixKaname1 I know, Vince and his darn secret.
@BSM Omg lol good one!
Well, for now actually the pants are still on lol but these two are getting closer. Also, the majority of the yaoi stories on here are censored so I suppose I have to do the same? I don't want to get in trouble with anyone so sorry for now future naughty pages will be censored. Thanks again readers for sticking around ^_^
Liking this already! Can't wait for more! : )
*Buy a new scanner. 😅
****update coming Wednesday*** sorry for the delay, had to but a new scanner along with a new computer. 😭 but getting back on track again soon.
I just ordered your book! I loved this story, and looking forward to that tarot deck you're working on ☺
@YukixKaname1: I know its sweet.
@liora18: Yup 😉
@YukixKaname1 That's what I said when drawing this.
@liora18 Yea he most definetly is adorable uke material, but he needed to stand up for himself so I changed this scene at the last minute 😅
Beautiful art! I'm a fan and looking forward to more! ☺
**Update coming tomorrow! 4 new pages 😉 **
@Niya24 I know I agree 😊