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I feel like I have so many stories I want to draw...@_@ I have been drawing all different kinds of genres lately so who knows what I'll upload next.

But anyways, thanks for stopping by to read my comics! ^_^
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I'm pretty much repeating others comments but this really is beautiful! I'm glad I found it, looking forward to reading this all the way through to the end so keep up the amazing work! ^_^
@BSM Thanks so much for your nice comments! I was worried the story is a bit slow. It will get better and more romance coming soon!
I really love this so far : )
@BSM Yes it is @_@ trouble lurks
Yes Jay, just accept the fact that it's a date ;p
Oh my gosh this looks beautiful. Can't wait to read more!
I'm so grateful for over 40 fans T_T thanks so much and chapter 3 pages coming soon! Enjoy ❤
I could not wait to draw this page ❤ XD
@Lucy More coming soon! Glad you are enjoying it!
Working on chapter 2 now! Will update in a few days ; )
To be continued in Chapter 2!