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I feel like I have so many stories I want to draw...@_@ I have been drawing all different kinds of genres lately so who knows what I'll upload next.

But anyways, thanks for stopping by to read my comics! ^_^
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Sorry for the slow updates lately >< For those wondering Utopia Romance Boys is nearing the end. If I had to estimate I'd say roughly 3-5 chapters are left. Thanks for sticking with me through it all!
Adrian is back...and that means the drama is too.
Sorry for the small delay! Chapter 9 beginning soon! : )
@Mana*: Thanks so much!! > <
April 22nd, 2019
@Mana*: Ahh thanks!! ><
April 22nd, 2019
lol I love your story! Gonna read this one through till the end ^_^
@Kootek2851: Thanks so much!! Yep he is.
Vince came prepared! He's always thinking ahead 😉👍
This already looks cute! Can't wait to see more ☺
Vince just used that big word! 😳❤
@EmmaLea Thank you so much!! Really happy you enjoy my story! Please stick around for more 😊
So sorry for lack of updates! I was sick with the flu >< But I'm all better now and Jay and Vince's story continues.
Chapter 8 starting soon! ; )
@YukixKaname1: My thoughts exactly! ; )
Clueless Reed is clueless LOL
@skysky55 Yea Jay is only about 5'6" and Vince is 6'0". I love height differences in BL : )
~The last updates of 2018 are posted! Have a safe and happy new year everyone! See you all in 2019!~
~I really appreciate all comments and readers who have been sticking with me through this story! ~
This closes out Chapter 6, on to Chapter 7! Expect slower updates with the Holiday season approaching (sorry) I will try and update again soon! Stick around ;)