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That's all for today folks!
*Lythero voice* Huh BODIED
Is dat yellow shadow from shadow the game
They are doing their best, don't be mean Drifty
Ah shit, here we go again
Who is that fake Athony!? The Athony I know would never smile for a stranger!
*Megalovania starts playing*
Wasn't she trapped in a dimension?
Goddammit G.B.A get your crazy ex in line
"This color is beautiful, don't you think?"
G.B.A Edge meets normal G.B.A
"This color is beautiful, don't you think?" -Trudis, probably
Guys my mom won't give me her credit card what should I do?
Jerry disappearing is the worst outcome that could ever happen
Oof is the best reaction to the fact you have 2 hours to live
8/10 not meme-y enough
Athony said "BEGONE THOT" in the coldest and cruelest way I have ever seen