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@colonelsnivy: Let me guess, you're reading Homestuck? Or have recently read it.
This man is the best
@Alex in Time: Thanks! I better fix it.
You can see step-by-step how this page was made if you check out my facebook! It's a really good way to have author contact and you can submit fanart there!
Wow getting this page done was a real battle!
@Famimatsu: Oh, lol. Haha. It's fine. Well, good luck! And I hope you get all the readers you deserve!
@Famimatsu: I didn't realize you were the same author! How cool, I'm reading Greyacale too! And don't worry, I have my own comic and understand how rough coloring is.
Oh. I caught up. This is interesting. I wish to see more.
So is appears magic is a normal thing in this world. Coolio.
I came here from shameless advertisement, so hey your add brought at least one reader! I actually only checked it out cuz your art style is beautiful. Lets see how the story is.
@Nyx: Yo there needs to be a discord for this!
A huge reveal is just getting closer and closer and I'm dying of excitement oh the hype is so real!
OMG that was HILARIOUS!!! XD
@Alex in Time: Oh i dare! it's important to the plot i'm not just a crazy killer.
I love how the lighting effects turned out! I wasn't sure it would look okay.
Ugh! I love where this is going and the suspense is killing me! Why is this so good?!
@Alex in Time: yeeeaaahhhh.... She needs adopted from me. I shouldn't be allowed to have such nice characters.
And here we can see me working hard to use all the knowledge i learned in a semester of art classes.