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Midwinter Hunt
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I ADORE her design! This girl is just so pretty!
One thing about scanning skin colors into a computer: they tend to look much lighter than on paper, often becoming completely white. It is trial and error, but i would suggest experimenting with which skin tones actually come out, and going a little darker than you actually want.
alt name for her: Konpeito
Designing this character
My mom: "I just don't like un-natural hair colors and extreme hairstyles. I don't think they look nice and I will never agree with them."
Also my mom: "Make me yellow and purple!"
So, this chapter is just pictures of the characters with their name, species, and a few things about them written down. You don't actually have to read it, it is completely skipable.
lol, maaaybe
R.I.P. me. Honestly why am I doing this?
there is no such thing as too much time on effects. magic circles are hard to draw, but they look amazing. and you did really good.
this page turned out looking beautiful!
this is so pure i love it. that face is perfection
owo! So cool looking!
What is happening?????
What are you doing?
What is this madness???
Here is the link:
I know it's on hiatus right now but I'm a busy college student. I have a few pages almost ready to color and should be getting back into the swing of things soon. This won't be a fast project, but it's by baby and I will never give up on it. Be patient with me and i will reward you with the best quality content I can. And share this with your friends!
Love you all!!!!!!
ps, sorry for the spelling mistakes i'm on school computer and have to leave right now and not enough time to proofread
i believe you captured how your readers feel about this in Rylie's reaction. at least with me. "AHHHHHHHH FiNALLY!!!"
What was the ONE thing I told you not to do?
touch the bad memories....
And what did you do?
touched the bad memories....
And WHAT is going to happen now?
dire consequences...
Zero is such a pretty character!
I am legit gonna cry! This is awful! Why do I subject myself to these feelings by reading?!?!?
....... best webcomic ever
@colonelsnivy: Let me guess, you're reading Homestuck? Or have recently read it.