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Gonna get some sick plot up in here yo!!
Wow I have been crazy busy, but I finally finished this page. And on time too! Hope you enjoy!
Sub-liminal XD I see what you did there
Wow, very pretty knife!
Well, it isn't the best quality, but I'm still learning! I'll be sure to put a lot more work into future pages!
(also, the background came out much darker and gloomier than intended. I had meant to just have it fade into a generic light gray.)
FINALLY! Man I did not plan to take this long to finally get going. I plan to upload weekly or bi-weekly at first, and as I have time I'll pick up speed. Sorry this is just a cover, but the first page is in the inking phase. I upload on Sunday and the chapter will be released on Monday. Supports me on Patreon to see it a day early. I hope you like this!
@Cat gurl: hadn't realized this (>ლ)
now I need to re-think my OC's name
how do you pronounce Ylil? plz and thank you
Sans sthap! you'll freak her out using your scary face
not saying it was on purpose, but BOI does she look like Undyne from Undertale! XD Nice comic so far anyway
my heart just jumped a beat
No... No I REALLY do not like where this is going!!!!! *fear cries*
I..... have no words
At first I was surprised, but now that I think about it, this actually explains SO MUCH
Oh my gosh! She is SO pretty without the scary glasses!
*throws hands up in air* PLOOTT TWIIISST!!!!!! Dure I did not see that doming. Honestly I thought we'd get info on why people turn colors, but this is still awesome.
Mathew is so precious and adorable! And he enjoys killing and is crazy. it's hard to make characters that do both. Definitely a great success!
OMG YES!!! ANSWERS ARE COMING! I can feel it and I'm so hype.
lol, Sans, your Blueberry is showing XD