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I'm a young artis- ... You know what? Forget it. I was going to do some kind of formal speech but I decided not to as I could not think of anything. So instead, enjoy this old fashioned emoticon :P
YES, THANK YOU, I thought I was the only one who remembered that
Yeah, I sopouse so, I guess I'm just really suspicious. (also, what medication? Did I miss a page?)
Okay, WHAT
Who the fuck is this?! Cause he's barely anything like Emilio. Seriously was Emilio just high during that incident with Tobi or is he actually remorseful, cause this Emilio is way too gentle, like, we were shown that when he wants to be Emilio can be gentle, but why would he be gentle with Rudy? Do they have history or something?
My guess is that she ain't that much better than the father, after all, craizies attract crazies
I don't like this.
Luther, Toby is going to frickin' Die because of you
Eh, I don't know, if Tobi leaves the Lady will probably be pissed, not to mention that 'angel' that protects Lucas.
So this ISN'T Toby
Oh god sweety nooooo
*gets hit on the head attempting to reach out and hug Toby*
I don't know why but the second I saw the green eyed kid I immediately thought of the snake from the garden of Eden,. Basically he reminds me of Satan and I don't like it.
Well to be honest it was a joke theory if anything, I really didn't believe it, I just wanted to point it out.
Yeah! (I'm not good with names)
Tony's grandfather was a thief who robbed a very strange lady with blue eyes... *gasp* he must have been cursed so his offsprings are hunted down by the demon (forgot his name)
Well, that was extremely uncomfortable...
Please don't be another Ben. Please don't be another Ben. Please don't be another Ben. Please don't be another Ben. Please don't be another Ben. Please don't be another Ben. Please don't be another Ben. Please don't be another Ben. Please do-
@fujo/funda Sorry, if I seemed to be trying to be a show off, it was sopoused to be a joke, I'm just really bad at teclling jokes
Haha, you think you're weird? When I was 6 I used to put yougourt on my bed frame and start chewing it, ha... I'm not sure why I told you that.
Sniff... They grow up so fast
I, a humble tree, with the power of God and Anime on my side, compel you, Mr Edburt, to leave the 'Child of Sweet Sorrow' and never return to the 'House of Wisdom and Lack of Adult Interference'!
Sorry for the late update, with exams and me being sick to the point of coughing blood it was pretty hard for me to get this page out.