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I'm a young artis- ... You know what? Forget it. I was going to do some kind of formal speech but I decided not to as I could not think of anything. So instead, enjoy this old fashioned emoticon :P
Sniff... They grow up so fast
I, a humble tree, with the power of God and Anime on my side, compel you, Mr Edburt, to leave the 'Child of Sweet Sorrow' and never return to the 'House of Wisdom and Lack of Adult Interference'!
Sorry for the late update, with exams and me being sick to the point of coughing blood it was pretty hard for me to get this page out.
Sorry for having this page come out late, the week have been pretty hectic so I couldn't get it out earlier, especially with the last scene. By the way the lighting and the snake aren't real but just one big metephor for Mike's emotional state.
Hello there!
So I know this comic doesn't update all that often so how about you go check out my Tumblr since I post quite often on there.
@ShadowStalker1128: maybe dark hair is considered ugly in her society?
I really should have gotten this page done sooner, I'll try harder next time.
Are you okay?
Aaaand, Fiona is being a creepy bitch, what a surprise.
Hanna, totally doesn't have a dark and traumatizing past that triggers a flashback whenever someone mentions death. Heh, yeah *sweats nervously*.
I swear, if the teacher does not acknowledge the obvious signs of an abusive household I'll lose faith in humanity.
Not my best work but I kinda just wanted to put it out as fast as possible to free up some of my time.
Rudy has bipolar, doesn't he?
Hello everybody!
I love how this page turned out, and if you did too you can find more of my content on . Yes it's a bit empty at the moment but that probably because I been primarily focusing on getting these pages done. And if you got any questions you ask me in the comments.
Actually, the logical conclusion is that they were hallucinating because of a strange substance that seems to be in the air, after all that can't be just dust, can it?
What is the cataclysm?
Heh, seems like someone is pissed.
Gosh, drawing backgrounds is a pain.
@JayTuga: Neither can I :D