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Kill him Antonio, kill him
ugh it's not a phase DAD
die antonio
but pls don't actually
I'm worried.
looks like the team is gonna rise to the top with the gang back

also the posting fury jeez we're getting one pretty much every day this is cool
purple text box looks familiar i know who it is

he finally dropped in to help the team win, thanks rayquaza
plot twist it's just another croconaw with the scars

also nice job on the recent updates this is epic B)
October 11th, 2018
orca stop killing the cast
That pose looks familiar.....

uh oh
"Let me take Mewtwo first."

For some reason that just makes me think they both might fall.
hey they look like cards
just not pokemon cards...
@Guest: oh no that card pack will make him invincible
I can already see the evil in Siku's eyes, she's going to betray the team!
big plot twist
obviously what he's about to give him is a new zoruark pokemon card
Wow she is very rude! this will be her demise in the future
January 27th, 2018
Did it take one of your teeth?
hopefully there's no furnaces around this place