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Let gasp
I read sometimes
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Fucking mineta
Hope that grows back buddy
I like the pallette:) it's calming
I don't want to wait another week 😭😭😭
Dammit! This was one of my fav comics :'((( I totally understand that you don't want to keep writing it ofc but it's still sad news :(
People gonna see them butt naked in a field together and get the wrong idea
Let gasp
December 28th, 2018
Let gasp
December 19th, 2018
This was me in 9th grade oof. It's horrible to be insecure about something people can easily make fun of without meaning too
Let gasp
November 17th, 2018
Is he gonna cry???? Nonononono ::((
Let gasp
November 7th, 2018
Ohmygod im gonna cryy
They talk about him like he's not there lol
Let gasp
September 29th, 2018