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Just a gay teenager with a passion for reading romantic books and fluffy gay webcomics.
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it seems highly probable that Avery will have sex with at least one of those men in the room
Boys calm down!
Karla has to be my to favorite character in the whole comic
wow that boy is beautiful!
I'm enjoying this update!
May 24th, 2019
so cute!
she looks so excited
Mika looks so beautiful!
I am loving the art style!
is that a kudu?
Aw no Avery fucking Owen? Also it's good to see Avery concerned for Owen i thought he still hated him
April 12th, 2019
just curious what is their age gap?
I'm kind of looking forward to seeing Avery top Owen
No I don't want Rig to die! 😢
what is Anthony's sexuality?
@Lisauryde: I love your profile pic it is so beautiful
I think one day Owen will let Avery fuck him
Aw now he wants to open every door! So cute!
@Biscuit: if course you don't have to draw a three some and i would never dream of forcing you or telling you too...i was just confused because I had seen other artists do very nsfw stuff in their comics and then u had said they u weren't allowed to...I was just curious.