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My name is Laura and I like girls. I have a degree in Graphic Design but what I love doing however is drawing comics.
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    Laura Knatt
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@LesbiAnon: Thanks for spending the time to read my comic! It originally posted from 2006-2012 and I just recently returned to Smackjeeves with a new account so I hadn't been receiving notifications until now. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you'll like any of my future work as well!

Also thanks everyone else for their nice comments on Taiki. :D It's very heartwarming to read all of them~
Hey there! I originally posted this on my old Smackjeeves account and just moved it so I'll be active from this account. Thanks so much for the comments! :D If I were to redo the comic now I definitely wouldn't have all of the Japanese names. haha But I'm glad you enjoyed it up to here regardless!