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The Almighty Striker
Psychotic, mass-murdering Evil Magelord. What's more to say?
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    Johnstrum Fullbladder
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Of course, I too have left sprites. I, however, will continue my MSPaint campaign but have much more detail. This ultimately means much more work, less memorable Storylines, but more being able to tell what things are!
Seeing the face would ruin the novelty.
Well, at least he got his favorite thing with him. Meaning the chair.
I always assumed the bat was like a dagger of sorts, in that it would invariably break if one was to use it on something too often, but only if it was all-in-one-go.
Beautiful. Sheerly beautiful.
I love that sword. It's beautiful. I wanna marry it.
Best hysterical explanation of what-we're-going-to-do ever.
Giving up to laziness takes to much effort.

Also, as of this storyline, I'd just like to say "I love you."

I'd like to say it, but I'm trying to build up this reputation of being a stoic, single-emotion, looming behemoth of an angry man. So I can't.
Maybe so, but my armourer says that if I bring in my armour (which is always just beneath the dr--ROBE) oe more time...

Who said anything about a naked guy?

You clearly haven't read enoguh INTO the comic.
Well, we ARE seeing people be picked off one by one. It's like Survivor.

Okay, so I don't watch Reality TV. Screw you.

And yes Sirus, you run when that nekkid person is trying to kill you.
Alos, 'The One They Call Doug'?
Why does the powerful Bad Guy always leave the tiny group most prepared to kill him alive?
Ol' Ben Fullbladder? Here?

The world is coming to an end!
At least you two aren't allergic to alcohol....

Anyway, it is the sheer oddity of events taking place within these white, rubber walls that we of the Radio (and others, or so I have heard) call 'the Intarweb' that keep my disheartened heart undisheartened enough to make it through a disheartening day only mildly disheartened. And Life & Death is a big part of that.
That is none too comforting.
The comic reads the truth. I even organized it well and included my drawing of Santa the Deceiver.

I need a goddamn scanner. I mean, I had one, but it didn't work.

Clockwise, those characters drawn are Some-Goblin-Guy, Rock-Creature-#4, and Marn the Less-than-Malevolent.

Marn either has a "33%" tattoo, or I left my math homework on the paper. You be the judge.
I always wondered what tombstones were for....