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I am the warrior of the people, the leader of revolution.
Tsarists must die, tsardom must fall, and the people must rise, seizing the means of productions.

Sad the man I once trust claimed the revolution, and become a dictator with a red clothing. He is not true to the words of Marx and Engels, he is the worst traitor of revolution, he is Iosif Stalin.
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    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
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Wow, you're quite dedicated to draw in a notebook page per page. My best is half of that before I got fed up.
Also, hurrah for traditional art.
Backstory part woohoo
@Shadow_Strikr: The pokemon equivalent of the trio maybe
@SentryBeat: Totally. My first playthrough was Torchic with partner Riolu and I must say; its quite the challenge
@WriterRaven: paperwork is the worst best revenge an employee can get to their boss
@MercenaryX: "My House Walkthrough" by nana825763
Lmao she be baiting
Its a traditional Japanese house.
Sponsored by the Typhoon in Japan and Sliding Fusuma Doors (please someone get it)
Hey, don't speak trash in front of the dead
She got 3 out of 5 fully correct tho
Yeah, I don't think that'll 1 shot him
YES! FINALLY! Show her the power of numbers! Like the good old days!
Those structures looks surprisingly humane, and seems like a desert city. Reminds me of the Sinai map on BF1
@Anonymoose: walked right into the pirate's ambush
@MercenaryX: *Fixes glasses*
Anyways, its Shiroe, right?
I can't get enough of your cute sephia-ic artstyle.
And its official, you're Purry.