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I am the warrior of the people, the leader of revolution.
Tsarists must die, tsardom must fall, and the people must rise, seizing the means of productions.

Sad the man I once trust claimed the revolution, and become a dictator with a red clothing. He is not true to the words of Marx and Engels, he is the worst traitor of revolution, he is Iosif Stalin.
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    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
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@troblsomtwins829: By "english letters they meant to represent" is to look at a conversion table and translate from there? This page for example, reads as "BLAM" and "GASP", like that?
Out of story, I am very confusion. Do you read the germanic runes as it was actually read or do you read it as how it seems to an english reader? Because both style of reading works on some cases and not on the other
"Idk, I'm good at detecting the various aerial molecular vibrations"
Christ on a crutch you sure this entire thing is 30 minutes?
Seems like my 30 hours worth of quality
What's this? You upgrade the shadings again?
Who is that again, the Purrloin? Omega? I mean, to be really honest, I want her to die, instead of the cliche "good guy being too good of a guy and saves the bad guy" trope.
Ey there's shapes on its wings
*Gunshots* *Explosions*
Well how about you help her instead of relying on a risky method oh Purry my dear?
Kishi, I don't think asking for more but looking away sets the intention well.
You should've looked right into his eyes with desperation, not shying away.

But oh well you be you Kishi
*Nuclear Warhead Launch Authorized. T-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 ,3 ,2, 1, PSSSHHHHHHH BVOOOOOOMMM*
That's it, she'll hate her for her entire life now
Wow, you're quite dedicated to draw in a notebook page per page. My best is half of that before I got fed up.
Also, hurrah for traditional art.
Backstory part woohoo
@Shadow_Strikr: The pokemon equivalent of the trio maybe
@SentryBeat: Totally. My first playthrough was Torchic with partner Riolu and I must say; its quite the challenge
@WriterRaven: paperwork is the worst best revenge an employee can get to their boss
@MercenaryX: "My House Walkthrough" by nana825763