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Holy cheese balls, that is soooo beautiful.
Also, the globe is still there, so that's something.
I wonder what antics are Hoopa up to now? Is the trick already done, or is this just the beginning?
Get better please, don't work too hard.
Getting healthy is the number one step to recovery, after all
Yay were back up and running again!
By the way, really reminds me of Japan or Tibet.
Well, you sure never went out often huh? Or you actually did, but as a lycanthrope.
I'm just hoping that he really did take a long bath before.

By the way, nice to see the comic's back on track
@Firepanda Not long ago when I was new in this site, I also expected quick updates, because I thought that this site works more like official manga updates. I was wrong, but I rack up dozens upon dozens of comics to follow instead so I get updates nearly everyday.
About the scheduling too, it's so impressive SulfurBunny managed to keep the comic going in a VERY steady rate for years (Iirc, it has been 4-5 years).
I also think that the "no dungeon" aspect didn't hurt the PMD side of the comic. It's really nice to see PMD from another, darker, more realistic way, while retaining it's occasional goofs and Pokemon elements.
But Hoopa gave her the wrong last "sentence" right?
Would something be defective in this new world?

@Firepanda Do you honestly expect they could dish out that kind of quality from Ms Paint sooner? Well, not that I'm "religiously" defending or anything, but uhh... *Erhmm* (Totally out of arguments here) How about you contribute alongside them, then you could maybe ramp up the update schedule to 3 per week?
But in this real life, hugging isn't that effective, sadly.
This scenario will happen to all of us someday though, we just don't know when.
80 hours, days, weeks, years, it will happen
Soon, she will be snapped out.

By the way, I don't see any screw-ups lol, what are you referring to?
Topaz learns what her powers are, woo hoo hoo things are getting a bit hot
@CIR it's like if you're imitating sounds, but doesn't understand what it means.
It's less hard to do if you think of it as imitating sounds rather than imitating language
Hey those feelers from Jen's ears extend out!
Well, the light effects could use some improvements, but it's already good in terms of display.

Hmm, would she be normal again after this?
I hope so.
By the way, how's Ral?
Finally an intelligent marking by someone. I still have my doubts though, I feel a faint hint that Hoopa is not "what Hoopa is."
Something smells really fishy. I mean, if it bargains an entire being for one portal, why would it tell Jen the activation procedure like it's some sort of freebie? Or is whatever Hoopa is planning needs whatever that thing is activated?

This is a really relaxing page, finally some peace. But it reeks of a Salmon-cutting factory.

@CIR : Betting Uncle Scrooge's Number One Dime that this will be a trap, but after the activation procedure is executed.
That left eye looks like a Rinnegan
Easy as can be huh?
The last time I hear that I was told to take someone's car, which happens to be an ambush.

Also, how cliché is that huh? Talking to yourself loudly...
@Tennantstar: And my blind oblivious mind took 2 hours just to search for that page lawl. Thanks!
Yeah, why don't that sneaky djinny bastard teleports them down to the core?
Fucken pink asshole waited till everyone's down to their last drop of blood to show up, all fancy like, as if it's a goddamn hooping in the park.
Aww, so comical and hilarious.
I almost forget what fangers lurking behind the town's cheerfulness
I wonder if commenters can get cameos as well.