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I am the warrior of the people, the leader of revolution.
Tsarists must die, tsardom must fall, and the people must rise, seizing the means of productions.

Sad the man I once trust claimed the revolution, and become a dictator with a red clothing. He is not true to the words of Marx and Engels, he is the worst traitor of revolution, he is Iosif Stalin.
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    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
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Oooo a secret passage, I like it

But by the wording, I imagine there will be a great loss after this?
Another week before moving on please
If even Miku addresses the cuteness, it must be quite the cuteness he has.
When law enforcement is so dim street justice needs to be applied.
Well that's a long story shortened
What is this little change I wonder?
Ohhh, more frequent upload times? :)
@SlyGrovyle: *Октяабрская Революция
*Shows him the bottom of the hole huehuehue*
He has no friends too maybe?
What is this battle called again?
Mew : "Now I need you not to ask."
Kishi : *ASKS*
@Julian or Yoshidakid: Not that I mean to insult or anything but if you can only draw stickman (so do I btw) I don't think you may claim to have high expectations lmao
That last panel looks astonishingly well done.
It's her again!
Better say hello and give a kiss goodbye right away because that's what they'll be doing.
"I promise I won't get all political"

*Three drinks later*
"We need to spread the teachings of Marxism to these poor villagers, just looks at the size difference of that fort and the huts."
What's keeping him from going out n eat anyways?