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Akkount only for komment komrad xaxaxaxaxa
No one shall know my acktual akkount xaxaxaxaxa
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They are a team after all....
My guess is Lovrina would be a burning charcoal once more to their tempers.
She probably wants to check on the suspicions regarding her dreams and whatever it contains and tells.

Though, I'll predict that the Ferllocs will already be on the entrace just because
*saw machete* "owo wats dis"
But seriously, the premise is really sweet in this one. I'll be waiting.
Houston we've got a problem
However the conversation may end, Robert wil end up getting stuck on Blair's schemes anyways
Can I ask you something?
Where did you learn to draw so smoothly?
Do you use a drawing tablet?
I know that this is a 2D comic and such but please explain how did I hear Toby scream on top of his lungs?
Why do I kinda feel like Topaz will fuse with her?
They will be the perfect partners, for ever.

Gosh I can already feel the spiritous vibe.
Someone cool showed up! In flying colours!
"Warm and noodly"
That sounds wrong as hell
Psychic powers starting to turn on?
Well it's a nice addition to your survival
Hmm, are you using autodesk sketchbook to draw this?
I'm getting the same vibes as when I tried to use that to draw lawl
@Sakarime: Did you just hint something about the future? *Scrambles old detective papers*