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I am the warrior of the people, the leader of revolution.
Tsarists must die, tsardom must fall, and the people must rise, seizing the means of productions.

Sad the man I once trust claimed the revolution, and become a dictator with a red clothing. He is not true to the words of Marx and Engels, he is the worst traitor of revolution, he is Iosif Stalin.
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    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
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I sense danger
Just caught up after months of not going in here.

Take your time, you don't need to hurry with what you're talking about
She should know what a Garchomp is though
So you play pokemon and touhou?
Interesting lmao
Aww now they're officially besties
Man they really are cute together.
Anyways, hooray for update
My best guess so far is additional hostage for when the situation ensues.
Lmao he was like "o-oy what are you doing?!"
@WiispNightmare: it might very well not be for a split second
Hey I knew someone named Steven Collins
She's already on a hay bed, interesting
ThE wHaT tRIbE?
It is something undescribable Blair 2.0..
This backstory is rad!
@PJSam: Australia without the insects, maybe? Those bushmen are pretty fierce by themselves.
No harm my ass.
Woo language is getting hot I like it