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Our destiny is set!
For death
Idk, might find something useful you had contrapt on the symbols like a button or smth
>Inspect Arcadian Symbol
The real adventure begins now
Better prepare some spicy comments!
I used the first card, since it's really fitting for an actual valentine card.
@arnisd: Well, it's true that all 'mons are natural born fighters, but how good they are are never included in their own nature. Without training, it's an environmental gamble at best.
Oh, I have a scene that will fit for the next page :

But instead of "Jason" it will be "Topaz"
Last panel be like Fallout's inventory system.
Naomi "Rune" Hamamoto she is now
I mean, Blair, that's too far off from intresting.... Weird, if any...
Cmon now Ral, even the best of the pros like Ral starts somewhere low...

Fighting skills are never in nature, it has to be earn
@Mattt Hah, I sometimes do too.

Okay, if Jen's feeling bad about tomorrow, might aswell skip the next day. I dunno, maybe as an Audino, Jen senses everyone's worries?

I have a feeling Victini would be back sometime in the near future
They really need to hang out more often...
MewTwo and Darkrai that is
Now it seems both of our main characters have finally reach an agreement
@arnisd: Oh you little piece of bollocks.
I automatically assume he is one since he's traveling with his friend.