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@Leafia_Barrett well, we're humans after all. That's one of the traits we can't lose, as bad as it may be.
@Neolancer JAWOHL! I vill heal you

Also, what the hell Gengar? "KIAII"? Cmon Gengar you're cooler than that
Panel 5 be like
That moment when you're 1 hit away from defeating the final boss but mum forces you to sleep or else
@Littledc: Long enough to make her mental state crack
Something that frustrates me?
"Hoo boy matey lemme take a lil' sip of ye olde pint and lemme tell ye the bloody story of me goddamn life, I'll tell ye pintheads all those harshships me little me must be handling since ye beginning of the bloody time"
Let the games begin
Booyyy them details are awesome.
Looking back, you have certainly upped yourself a level or two
Mega Boss Kitty!
Also, I sense Jen using healing wish anywhere in the next 1-10 page
Must be an Asian Dad who designs the tower
"You no stronk, no in in tower. No stronk, dad no proud"
I always think, whenether you start learning to attack as a 'mon, you start leaving your humanity away.

How did you(r character) in pmd instantly learn moves anyways?
Definitely mega evolutions
Judging by the first panel, it's the eon duo
Inb4 the pearl is dropped
Avis will be learning for sure.
Well, she still needs a range move tho
Fight Montage!
We finally see Jen in action!
@42Meep: There's good DS emulators for android nowadays
Called it!
Regis after all...
After they're sooo sooo bored with the stale enemies, that should be when the real defenses pop up.

Judging by the sudden Regigigas appearance, the next set of enemies're prolly gonna be The Creation Trio + Arceus
It's still better than my attempt on drawing anything haha
@Piracy: I knew I shouldn't've taken the challenge with absolut vodka