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Akkount only for komment komrad xaxaxaxaxa
No one shall know my acktual akkount xaxaxaxaxa
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Another gasp, another knockdown maybe?
Teleportation is safe.
Just make sure not to use it in the real world or you might actually fuse with N for good.

Now that I think of it, it is bad. Remember Spongebob and Squidward lol.

On the other end of the stick, cant you slow down a bit boss kitty? We all know we need to hurry, but not in the middle of a storm with you trying to be a one-man architect too...
What's missing in "Oo_"?
"F", for the respects...
"I aM Not A gOaT"
G-g-g-Griffin McElroy?
What kind of fully-freedomized burger-loaded oil-soaked gas-guzzling name is that?
Oh so that's We'rewolves.
Cue to Blair turning Robert into a werewolf?
Oh hey a male Audino.
Finally the "gender on looks" stereotypes are disappearing.
He now has three names.
That's more than your average people's names.
Wait is that an actual attack to Miku?
Looks like the diary is made by a child.
This opens up a new world of horror since "bad things" described by a child is always scarier, especially thinking what they need to went through at a young age.
I support the theory that Leon's father is not dead. Other than the fact that he should be able to fend himself, he must've went there with a clear intention in mind, probably lookinf for something ancient.
@SlyGrovyle: Oh how you have condemned yourself by hiding the bourgeoisie from the greatest revolution of all time, you Tsarist!
Our forces shall prepare for an attack to eliminate the remnants of the long lost Tsardom, so the workers need not worry of yet another monarchist rebellion.
The leader of the abyss is a Grovyle named Sly!
Well ain't it obvious that the little cosmic fluffball is also an energy ball.
I hope that eventually your bank and your health are both in the state of a million bucks!
Guess even Gengar likes tidiness.

Also, it's pretty hard to dry a furcoat, especially if they're literally stick to your body like a skin, literally.

Atleast Darkrai is having fun. He seems kinda like a dad Jen would've ever wanted.
Would be pretty nice to get whomped by an interstellar cosmic material fluffball.
Cmon now Blair #2, you're training to be a Robert so hate what Robert hate.
Not implying anything with this comment but, are you inspired by Victory Fire?
I mean, the artstyle, the fact that there's an Audino, and the Houndooms.

Once again, not implying anything. If it's just a coincidence we shall let it be.