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Sorrows Neptune
When reading the comments below, if you happen to stumble upon something disagreeable or childlike sounding please keep in mind that they were written when I was 12-14 years of age.
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Somethings about this site layout seems kind of off, and now I just figured it out: bright orange doesn't go well with the sepia-tone comics. I suggest changing the color scheme for the site to something darker.

Otherwise, it's a great layout! (And of course, this is just my opinion.)
Wait, you're female? But I thought the guy in strip #100 was you. I'm so confused!

This strip is even better than strip #100 by the way.
I liked the old art style better, but I can imagine myself likening this one more as time goes on.

The problem with your old style was that it was a copy-and-paste job. So eventually if you ever garnered thousands of fans, people would just criticize it for being "lazy." So it's probably for the best that you abandoned it. Even if your current fans happen to like it better.
They don't make Curly Wurly's in the US, so that explains why I've never heard of it. Now that I know about them I wish they were in America...
One thing I like about this web-comic is that it doesn't rely on profanity, violence, or other such vulgarities in order to be funny.

That said I found this particular strip hilarious.
While were on the topic of Pocket Demons, Apparently Pokemon Black & White are actually going to be considerably different this time, unlike that past three sequels.
Now those Call of Duty sequels on the other hand...
If only...if only...
This web-comic is in need of a random button.
Gasp! I own that t-shirt!
I agree with eishiya.
Oh hey, it stopped raining.
Yeah, this episode is more like filler. It was still good though, I'm looking forward to Episode 5!
This comic deserves the 400 fans! It really does!
To be honest, in the last panel the Minotaur's breasts look like female breasts.
Yeah, the handwritten text definitely looks better.
I'm not sure if this was intentional or if it was a typo, but it's Yu-Gi-Oh not Lu-Gi-Oh.
Typo in panel 1: "Camilo, I need to you to"

But yeah...good stuff.
Oh...hey...a new layout. I hardly noticed C:
Out of all the web-comics you've done (that I know of anyways), I would say this is the best one. By far. Which is saying a lot seeing how good your other web-comics are already.

As people have said before, the comic has emotion. The experimental artwork is well done. It's a nice story focusing on the emotional problems of Hiroyuki, and by the time you finish reading the 31 pages, you think to yourself "That. Was. Amazing."