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Liz's neutral game is horrible. Then again, she's fighting someone with a horribly small hitbox.
Go, girl, go!
Be the wind!
today's song of the day has absolutely nothing to do with the image above or what I posted it for

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With the ability to warp anywhere in the blink of an eye, this guy gets any job done.
Though he is likely to fall asleep on the spot if he isn't on duty.


my man's sheet is done! available to the public!...

...if they ask for permission to use it! Even if it's just to use him as a background character.

And his hovercraft will have it's own separate sheet when i actually get to designing it
i guess i should mention that tomorrow i'll post that guy's sheet regardless of people commenting here or completely ignoring my existence as usual

today's song of the day is one of the greatest songs to ever grace fighting game history
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no one said anything so im making you wait another day fuck you
What a bright, fun and welcoming-looking town!
you know what ive been listening to these past couple of days? homestuck music. i've been listening to homestuck music

for the love of god help me
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you know what the best part about all of this is?

i'm leaving you on a cliffhanger until tomorrow

this whole thing was actually just to see how much rust i had in terms of comic making

but i had fun making it!
Optic Blast!
I'm also thinking of getting back into comic making... on a certain place... but I'm too scared to ask if I can join... cause i'm a pussy
Heh. You know me. Never say die

so between starting last night and this afternoon i did these sniping poses. cause thats what this boy do! he snipes! it's his thing now!

before i upload the full sheet with these poses however im thinking of changing the rifle's colors. does anyone have any suggestions. suggestions anyone
wouldnt friex make more sense
armored core!! DMCV!!! megaman eleven!!!!

to celebrate here's custom made mugshots of model V's user...Digit!
whom i'll get more into once i post the fully finished sheet. on christmas. because it's finished! woo!

though i dont know how well i'm feeling about these mugshots. like, theres something missing. but i can't quite.. pin it.
oh well. all criticism is appreciated!

tonight's song is brought to you by one of THE most fucked up shows ive seen yet
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