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Panel 6 looks like a Draw the squad meme
We shall have a funeral to honor your mane
The sharp metallic cookies
If only I were that smooth

Great work btw
Idk about any of y'all but I ship all four of them together (Herz x Jura x swen x vanilla)
I love how when you move the page around it actually looks like the camera lighting is moving.
Not to sound weird or anything but where is this magical place?
lol imagine if the octopus was really what his dick looked like
Omg they're kid from the future
I can hear the 'you two are having sex!' Meme
Is it me or does panel 4 look like a wedding disaster out of context?
It's rainbow, isn't it?
The first scene of purllis interaction
*looks around* headcannon: assistant is transfemale