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September 19th, 2019
Oh crap, I suspected it was not going to be as simple just being sent home but I wasn't expecting things to turn this dark.
Congrats for 1k pages!
This is so sad.
Started reading a few days ago, finally caught up!

Amazing how long Atticus has gone without sleep in this chapter.
Make out city? They will will lucky just to make it out alive.
Francis from a few pages earlier: "I'm not gay"
I'm not a fluff ball, I'm a spike ball! XD
I have a feeling those boots will play an important role in this chapter.
I guess if you are gonna keep on eye on someone it is only fair if you let them keep their eye one you as well.
that is pretty impressive for a single rocket.
April 3rd, 2019
That's an interesting cameo, I really should read mokepon but i just haven't gotten around to it.
March 7th, 2019
Did that cat come out of the freezer?
@N.SYU: I was actually getting the same feeling but Emilio does have the freckles and purple eyes.
I'm still not sure what kind of medicine he takes or why he needs it but he seems to be showing some hesitation.
That's an interesting way to make a light bulb.
@Guest: They look the same to me.