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Self taught artist that "*tries*" not to look like complete dogshit.

Also regular player of Destiny 2, CS:GO, TF2, Brawlhalla, Pokemon, Dead By Daylight, (Unsurprisingly) Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege & (Former) Overwatch player since the 1st Halloween event.

Professional lurker of the "Brand New" & "Just Updated" sections

Steam Profile:
Discord Tag: Delta#1880
PSN Tag: DeltaWolf_22
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    Some Random Dood
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Had to use the worst h e c k i n camera in existence

Edit: Oh yeah, 50 pages, guess I better make something special
Don't worry, T-pose over your laptop to assert dominance & keep it from crashing out of fear
God I love these expressions
@Doth Geezer: No problem man, it was really fun drawing NeedleNose
The WikiHow Experience
I was reading random articles because I was bored, and I read the questions and saw this beauty
Smh my head
I decided to do it digital, but I managed to lose my pen, so I had to use the laptop's trackpad instead, hopefully the lines don't look THAT sloppy

Dr.NeedleNose is from "Doth Geezer's" comic, "PissWater & The Boys"
Well shit, I actually really like Dr.Needlenose's design, I know what im gonna draw later, whoop whoop
Real Self-Portrait Hours
Guess whos really bad @ human anatomy!
Wisp The Wendigo
I was bored, decided to make new OC, and I let the gender be decided by my Discord server, and no surprise, they chose to make it a female
Every single one of Alfono´s facial expressions makes my day lol
@Doth Geezer: Pisswater w/ a six-pack sounds scary imo
@Silvertheumbreon: Hergen Flergen
The Story
I was bored, made some pixel art
(Edit: Made the pic bigger)
Either Chunk has the consistency of a wet tissue on a cheese grader, or Pisswater is buff af
h, I just binge read the frick out of this in like an hour or 2, and I gotta say, im really lookin forward to more pages, cuz wowza, this is the cream of the crop lol
Its rainin Mon´, hallelujah its rainin Mon´
The expression Mattias has is the same expression ive had since the page Toby encountered his father, yikes
(Hoping the page name was a Bill Withers reference)
We can make it we try~