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Self taught artist that "*tries*" not to look like complete trash.
Professional lurker of the "Brand New" & "Just Updated" sections

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Discord Tag: Delta#1880
PSN Tag: DeltaWolf_22
Xbox: BadArcstrider
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    It's rewind time
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More importantly
Toby Fox guest composed for the Battle Tower Battle Theme in Sword & Shield, and the madlad, the absolute megamind put the Gen 3 trumpets in the song, god bless Mr.Undertale Sans Man
Had a mistake with the first upload, fixed it now, but as I was saying before.

I got bored in class, you know the rest
Uh oh bro
It's the fire boy
I spent an entire weekend on this
I regret nothing
S u c c
My motivations been kinda low lately from everything except Destiny 2, i've been sucked into D2 again, someone send help
Vocal percussion on a whole nother level, coming from my mind
Whaat, you've never played Tuber Simulator?
You did a really good job on it, props to you, lad
Good job lad, you earned it
@Emc_502: Popcorn ceiling gang rise up
@Silvertheumbreon: Spooky stuff is good inspiration, Spooky Month isn't that far away
@Silvertheumbreon: Whenever that happens to me, it normally lasts until 1-3am before I can get some sleep
Im not even joking
There's a popcorn ceiling in my room, and when I stare up at it out of boredom, my eyes like to play connect the dots, so I stared, saw this in the ceiling, liked it, then sketched it out...

Im taking advantage of my ceiling without it's consent
Also im testing out new ways of doing hair
Lineart looks good lad, but also, happy Labor Day
Wow, this is pretty ' h o t ' to say the least
Im just commenting to comment, although I guess it would be kinda neato for the benefits, but that's beside the point

I came to say that this is going well so far, I can see the improvement you've had artistically over the course of you drawing these pages, and I wanted to say keep up the work, but don't overwork yourself
He crouch, he moody
@Emc_502: Not to mention the fact that Iggy had the face structure of a caveman during the OVA, very funny stuff
Uh oh
She angry
It her
It's her, she's back I guess