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Self taught artist that "*tries*" not to look like complete dogshit.

Professional lurker of the "Brand New" & "Just Updated" sections

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    It's rewind time
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Egad, in the last panel, it seems that whatever the cats did, it looks like it's spreading
I didn't know that I wanted this until I experienced it
Dude, honestly I have the same reaction when someone steals my garlic bread
Knowledge must be spread
So far this is actually great lmao, im excited to see where this goes
I thought every lawyer liked stuff like that
This is the most blessed & cursed image i've seen in a while, not even Baron Zeppeli was ready for this
@Emc_502: Now those are some wise-man's words
Jojo is a man-ime
D r a w D i g l e t A s A J o j o C h a r a c t e r
God I Love The Fallen
Not even gonna lie, out of all the enemy factions in the Destiny franchise, the Fallen are the most interesting to me...

I may or may not also be studying the language of the Fallen/Elinksi

So I did end up coloring it, and also floor reveal, oh god oh fuck
@Emc_502: When life gives you lemons, you throw them back in life's face & hit the gamer nae-nae
A very sleepy lass
Jesus christ, I was legit falling asleep for a few seconds every minute or 2 while trying to finish this up....
Why do I get all my motivation at the worst times.
Im sorry, little one
This is it, this is what 2K hours of TF2 trained me for, time to use my Demoman information & decipher every bit of scottish
Oh hell yea, my main source of comedy is back
It's real Phantom Blood hours, and thats the OG manga cover too
I'd like to imagine that the talons on Blazikens feet probably make the kicks way worse than just being kicked & most likely burned
Late comment, but...
This is way better than I ever expected im making a cult just for this picture
Outfit #1 lookin kinda fresh tbh