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Self taught artist that "*tries*" not to look like complete dogshit.

Professional lurker of the "Brand New" & "Just Updated" sections

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I drew another OC from a different lass of mine, her's is a mix of a Buizel & a Dewott, it's a tad-scuffed because I drew it @ like 3 am... Not only do I need to fix my sleep schedule, but also, Discord links to her server & mine

The Lass's Discord Server:

My Discord Server:
Ended up doing a clothing-swap with Deer Mom's oc from the last post
Story-Time, again
Basically, this lass in my Discord server drew a ref-sheet for her oc a while ago, and it didn't have the arms attached to the torso, so me & a few other people made jokes about how her OC is a mannequin, this it the birth-product of said joke.
So basically
A lass in my server drew this for me because me & a few people were talking about keyhole turtlenecks & virgin-killer sweaters, so she got inspiration from that convo, and drew my Umbreon oc & anothers lad's Shark oc...

I'll be making a post about my Discord server soon, because most likely I won't be uploading or checking Smackjeeves that much during the Summer

Edit: Fuck I just realized I got 'got' by my own oc, I didn't even notice her lower hand till now
Ooo, this looks pretty neat-o
The creature
If I saw this, I would honestly shake & cry
The lass needs her hat
I wonder where that hat could be...
It's alright lad, stuff happens
Wowza, you did a pretty fantastic job on this
Actually love this comic already
Happy 16th lad, us 16 year olds gotta stick together
(Pillar Men theme slowly gets louder)
Good luck lad
Egad, in the last panel, it seems that whatever the cats did, it looks like it's spreading
I didn't know that I wanted this until I experienced it
Dude, honestly I have the same reaction when someone steals my garlic bread
Knowledge must be spread