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Self taught artist that *tries* to make a semi-cartoonish style, but not too much to the point where it could pass for a Nick-MiniSeries. Also regular player of Destiny 2, CS:GO, TF2, Brawlhalla, Pokemon, Dead By Daylight, (Unsurprisingly) Fortnite, & Overwatch.

I normally browse the new comic sections every day or 2 & try to find the ones i'll probably enjoy watching grow.

Steam Profile:
Discord Tag: Delta#1880
PSN Tag: DeltaWolf_22
  • Real Name
    Some Random Dood
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Early congrats on the birthday, my guy
B u t i t s t i l l l o o k s n i c e
@Silvertheumbreon: Yea, but it still looks pretty nice
Shoutout to all my absolute units who came from pg.476
Kira finna catch some hands
Oooooh, gottem
H u z z a h , m y i n t u i t i o n n e v e r f a i l s
Pumpkin spice Rudolph?
(Poses menacingly)
(Initial D starts playing in the background)
w e l l , s h i t , t h i s d o e s n ' t l o o k g o o d
@glitchor55: Now that, is epic
@glitchor55: oh frick, oh darn, don't tell my folks or else i'll never get to go to another sleepover ever again
O heck
Welp, comic over, see you guys in the next one, 10/10 story, plot, & character development
October 21st, 2018
The big w h o l e s o m e
But sometimes
It really do be like that
Absolute Chad
Looks like we got a member of the Absolute Unit demanding coffee, what a god