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got kickt so hard it made one of his buttcheeks square i guess
Quin's nose is my favorite.
these panels are so beautifully paced, and the style well polished! 10/10, would buy off a shelf
wull damn
:0 riveting! v. profesh style too
Eeeeeeks, ohno °∆°
i am overdosing on this art and color. i am d e a d. °^°♥
that scenic colorization tho ♥∆♥
yaaa, you do such deep expression with such minimal pallet / style. this comic is so atmospheric. 0-0
my friend was on vieques when the storm hit, and her parents had to ransom her a ticket to the main. she saw a lot of death and suffering, and still can't sleep right, even after reclaiming stateside. the media is actively suppressing how bad it is, compared to the coverage and response texas got, and we are all dismayed - but determined to assist.
aaaaaa the slightly green shading works perfectly, so cinematic and your expressions are very succinct, very well studied! ♥
HERE. FOR. IT. (also wait what there is a rating system? where??)
AAAAAA THESE COLORS. neon pastel is my alltime absolute gd favorite but it so rarely shows up, aaa this is a treat for the eyeballs ♥
aaaa, this comic has such good heart, and the coloring is ON. POINT. I can't wait to see it grow into one of the titans on the BL scene, heckyea! ♥
i am blown away by the pacing and 'cinematography' of this whole dang work, gosh, dang, gosh. wow. ♥
eaaaaufh, dem backgrounds @-@ ♥
jacket layouts
a few testing covers, hand-crafted for that gritty streetpunk vibe